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August 12, 2022

PNL’s Orban: PSD conned Romanians; PNL in upward trend

National Liberal Party (PNL) Chairman Ludovic Orban claims that the Social Democratic Party (PSD) is going down and the Liberals are taking off, once the Romanians have realized that “whatever PSD gives away with one hand, it takes away with the other hand.”

“It’s started to show that PSD has won the elections through deceit. If you look into the governing programme of Tudose’s Government, you find out that it has nothing to do with the governing programme the Social-Democrats presented themselves with in the campaign and that won them people’s votes. Nowadays, PSD is in a tight spot, (…) inventing all sorts of tax gimmicks, here taking a measure, not taking it there, it has generally created a disruption in society (… ) I believe that more and more Romanians are convinced that PSD has conned them, and lied to them and that PSD with one hand gives and with the other hand it takes away,” Ludovic Orban told a press conference held on Friday in Medias Municipality.

The PNL leader told his colleagues in Medias to be engaged and to believe that the party is “on an upward trend”.

“Today, PSD is on a downward trend and PNL is on an upward trend. (…) What’s important is that in all organisations, in all localities, we liberals be very active (…) we communicate with the citizens.” Ludovic Orban added.

The Liberals Chairman participates on Friday in the Medieval Festival in Medias, which celebrates the 750th anniversary of the locality’s documented certification.


PNL to Ombudsman – request for CCR referral on doctoral schools and child rearing indemnities ordinances


The Liberals lodged on Friday to the Ombudsman the request for referral of the Constitutional Court (CCR), for the constitutionality challenge in the case of the emergency ordinances regarding doctoral schools and the capping of child rearing indemnities.

“PNL [the National Liberal Party] has filed a request for referral to the Ombudsman for Ordinance 54, which refers to doctoral schools, and to Ordinance 55, which refers to the capping of child rearing indemnities. We expressed several reasons in the request for referral, but in fact, Mr. Liviu Dragnea [Social Democrat Party – PSD – Chairman – ed.n.], as he has accustomed us lately, has done it again. He convened of his own accord, on August 7, an extraordinary session to the Chamber of Deputies, the Standing Bureau of the Chamber of Deputies met on August 8, so things are clear from this point of view. What is worrisome is PSD’s mockery, a ruling party, with regard to simple things, laws, regulations and the Constitution,” PNL’s first deputy chairman Iulian Dumitrescu stated after filing the request to the Ombudsman.

He specified that the request concerns the procedure in which Parliament was notified, pointing out that in this case the Constitution was violated.

“The Permanent Bureau should have met first, then the Deputies Chamber Speaker should have requested an extraordinary session. Mr. Liviu Dragnea requested on 7 [August – ed.n.] by own accord, he went on vacation and on the 8th, the Standing Bureau of the Chamber met and there was no Speaker of the Chamber to request an extraordinary session. (…) We did not dwell on the ordinances’ substance, but only on the observance of the law, the Constitution and the Regulations of the Chamber and the Senate,” the Liberal said.

Dumitrescu stated that he personally supports capping the indemnities for mothers.

“My opinion is that it is a fair ceiling [capping indemnities at 8,500 lei – ed.n],” the Liberal showed.

The Liberals argue in their request that the urgency of the Emergency Ordinance (OUG) for doctoral schools is not justifiable.

“The adoption of OUG 54/2017 is unconstitutional also because the Romanian Government has adopted a normative act amending another normative act undergoing a parliamentary legislative procedure, contrary to the provisions of the CCR decision 1431/2010,” reads the PNL document, signed by the party Chairman, Ludovic Orban.

In the case of OUG 55 too, the liberals affirm that “no extraordinary situation, whose regulation cannot be postponed” can be found.

“The so-called justification of the exceptional situation invoked by the Government is, in practice, a recognition of the incompetence of the relevant minister, of the Government as a whole, regarding the drafting of the state budget. The argument that the budget source is insufficient cannot and does not constitute a legal reason for adopting an OUG that restricts a right,” PNL specifies.

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