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June 25, 2022

President Iohannis on Oituz Battle 100th commemoration: Let’s create a strong country, through education and cohesion

President Klaus Iohannis on Friday delivered a message occasioned by the 100th commemoration of the Oituz Battle and fights in Cosna and Ciresoaia.

“Today, when we commemorate 100th years since the Oituz Battle, in the name of the Romanian State, which existence was saved by the Romanian Army during the fights in Cosna and Ciresoara, I pay the greatest of honours to the heroes who are resting for eternity in this land,” said Iohannis, in his message delivered by state advisor Constantin Ionescu, on the occasion of commemorations organized in Tirgu Ocna.

According to the head of the state, the organization of this commemorative event showed that “Romania did not forget about the sacrifice of its soldiers who lost their lives in the War for National Unification.”

“In addition to the commemorative events held in Marasti and Marasesti, the commemoration of fights in Cosna and Ciresoaia completes the honour that we owe to those who, through their sacrifice, made the Great Union possible. Inspired by the call of King Ferdinand and devotion of Queen Mary, modernized with the help of the French Military Mission and led by generals and officers whose name is written on the nation’s pantheon, the Romanian Army has successfully resisted against the overwhelming forces, thus proving the power of the national ideal. Directly from the ditches of Marasti, Marasesti and Oitus we managed to build up a country, while proving through glorious fighting the Romanian people’s capacity to achieve its great aspirations,” Iohannis underlined.

He also added that “the Oituz and the Great Union heroes cannot be better honoured than through accomplishing the project that inspired all generations since 1848: the building of a united Romania, a country of modern institutions, of equal rights and laws for everyone.”

“On the frontispiece of the Mausoleum in Tirgu Ocna there stands written: “Do tell the future generations that we did our duty.” It’s a call to each and every generation to continue the work of their ancestors, which is their duty. (…) During these days of pious recollection, in the places where the history of the great modern options of Romania was written, I urge you, dear fellow countrymen to build together a strong country, through education and cohesion, a country deeply committed to the European and Euro-Atlantic projects. These are our guarantees for prosperity and security, this is the alive moment through which those who are to come will see that, in our turn, we also fulfilled our duty,” the head of state said.

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