Eurostat: Romania, third in EU by GDP share of expenditure on public order and safety

EU member states spent 258 billion euro in 2015 for public order and safety, or 1.8 pct of the EU GDP; Bulgaria ranks on top with an allocation of 2.8 pct of GDP for this function, followed by Slovakia with 2.4 pct of GDP, and Romania with 2.3 pct of GDP spent on public order and safety, shows data released on Wednesday by Eurostat.

At the opposite end, Denmark and Luxembourg each allocated 1 percent of GDP for public order and safety, other countries with less than 1.5 percent of GDP in allocations for such activities being Ireland with 1.1 percent; Malta and Finland with 1.2 percent each; Sweden with 1.3 percent; and Austria with 1.4 percent of GDP.

The ranking is different by per capita expenditure of EU member states on public order and safety. In 2015, member states’ average spending for such activities was 507 euro per capita. On the leading positions by this indicator are Luxembourg with 899 euro per capita; the UK with 792 euro; and the Netherlands with 724 euro, while Bulgaria and Romania are at the opposite end with 173 euro and 183 euro per capita, respectively, spent on public order and safety.

Government expenditure on public order and safety covers mainly spending on police and fire services, courts and prisons. The 1.8 pct of the EU GDP in government expenditure on public order and safety is higher than spending for other important activities such as defence – 1.4 pct of GDP; recreation, culture and religion – 1 pct; or the protection of the environment, with 0.8 pct of GDP.

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