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June 28, 2022

Former USR leader Nicusor Dan: No longer feel part of USR majority

Former Save Romania Union Party (USR) Chairman Nicusor Dan said on Tuesday he no longer felt part of the USR majority.

“I cannot be part of a body that said one thing in the campaign, in the sense that this party addresses at the same time progressives and conservatives, that both themes are legitimate (…), then we come and say ‘We are addressing these ones, because we have become a progressive party,’ this is what the majority in USR has decided upon. I no longer find myself in it,” Nicusor Dan told private TV broadcaster Realitatea TV.

He stated that when he set up this political party, he had said that if he wanted to become the second party in the country, to govern at a certain moment, he must gather from society people from both ideological positions.

Nicusor Dan pointed out that he made the decision to leave the party based on a principle. “When I made this decision, I thought of my colleagues, members of this party and the public who voted for us (…), we had observance criteria of what we said (…) When I founded the party, there were both progressives and conservatives, convinced that they will have their place here. The moment the party defines itself as progressive, the conservatives do not fit in anymore (…) I left the party because I said that it is not right for a party who said one thing in the election campaign to do something else afterwards,” Nicusor Dan mentioned.

Quizzed if he agrees with marriage between two men or two women, he approved of civil partnership.

“I agree with a civil partnership between any of them (…) on the issue of marriage I did not express an opinion (…) I said that on civil partnership both I and everybody in USR agree and that the difference of opinions is on marriage, where people have divergent and very strong opinions, I have not expressed mine publicly, I think that both options are legitimate. I would not want to win the Bucharest Mayor’s Office in 2020 because the ones or the others will vote for me,” Nicusor Dan added.

Deputy Nicusor Dan stated on June 1 in Parliament that he resigned as chairman of the USR, but also as a member of the party, considering, among other things, the decision of the party’s National Bureau, which opposed the redefinition of the family in the Constitution.


USR rejects idea of modifying Constitution on family topic


The Save Romania Union (USR) decided at the referendum organised on the topic of the Coalition for Family to take a position referring to the modification of the fundamental law and announced it opposes modifying the Constitution, USR interim chairman Elek Levente told a press conference on Monday.

He pointed out that the referendum included two questions: “Do you support USR in having a stand as a party on the referendum topic,” and “How should USR stand as a party on the topic of the Coalition for Family referendum?.” The internal referendum of the USR was initiated by the Suceava branch, with the support of 2019 members.

The USR National Bureau will validate the referendum results and will make the necessary decisions.

The Coalition for Family wants the modification of the text in the Constitution specifying that marriage should be defined as the union between a man and a woman.

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