Minister-delegate Negrescu: Solvit free online problem solving network opens to solve European rights issues

Romania’s Minister-delegate for European Affairs Victor Negrescu announced on Wednesday that a free online problem solving network called Solvit has opened in order to resolve problems caused by faulty application of the European single market legislation.

“Minister-delegate for European Affairs Victor Negrescu told a meeting of the Coordination Committee of the National System for the Management of European Affairs that a Solvit free on-line problem solving network opened on August 16, 2017, an instrument designed to solve, informally and fast problems caused by the faulty application of the European single market legislation,” Romania’s Foreign Affairs Ministry (MAE) reported on Wednesday in a press statement.

According to MAE, 0800 672 507 can be called free of charge from any landline or mobile telephone network, Monday through Friday, between 09:00hrs – 16:00hrs.

Negrescu said that the democratisation of access to public information on European issues is a priority component of his tenure.

“By launching this free-phone number, we want to show that Romanian citizens are protected and react when there is any signal that they are being mishandled. Solvit is designed for individuals and legal entities whose rights acquired by virtue of European Union citizenship have been violated in another member state,” he said.

Solvit plays the role of an intermediary and deals with cross-border problems between a company or a citizen, on the one part, and a public authority on the other, where there is a possibility that the European Community law has been misapplied. The problems reported in the Solvit database have 10 weeks to be solved, and the service is free of charge.

Solvit is a mechanism created and coordinated by the European Commission in the field of that single market that operates on the basis of cooperation between the 31 centres established within the public administrations of the EU member states and the three other states belonging to the European Economic Area (Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein). The Solvit network centres are connected through an online database under the coordination and supervision of the European Commission.

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