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Over 12,000 people attended Romanian Naval Forces’ performance on Romanian Navy Day in Constanta. President Iohannis: We are a pillar of stability and a security supplier in the region

Over 12,000 persons were present on Tuesday at the esplanade of the Fleet Command and the Tomis Harbor in Constanta, in order to attend the exercise performed by the Romanian Naval Forces, with the participation of 30 ships and boats, 12 aircraft and 3,000 servicemen, on the occasion of celebrating the Romanian Navy Day.

The celebration started with the greeting of President Klaus Iohannis by the honor guard with 21-gun salute, simultaneous with the national anthem of Romania being played and the tricolour flag being hoist to the mast.

Chief of Romania’s Navy Staff (SMFN) Vice Admiral Alexandru Mirsu, pointed out in his opening speech the interest of the people attending the festivities at the Fleet Command.

“Your participation represents for us the guarantee of trust and appreciation, an essential moral support in our continuous effort to achieve new horizons of performance in the struggle with the waves of life,” Vice Admiral Mirsu pointed out in his opening speech.

He mentioned that the Romanian Navy Day was established 115 years ago, with the organization, on August 15, of a Te-Deum on board of the Elisabeta Cruiser, in the Constanta Harbor.

“Having in mind the results of our efforts and relying on the assessments of our collaborators in the country and abroad, we believe that sailors, military and civilians, port workers and shipbuilders have observed their coat of arms and will continue to do so. In the current naval security context of the Black Sea area, Romania has the special responsibility to defend not only the state border, but also a significant part of the eastern borders of the European Union and the North-Atlantic Alliance. The Romanian Naval Forces have an essential role in achieving this objective, highlighted by the constant participation in numerous major naval operations and exercises, that were conducted in cooperation with NATO and regional partners,” the SMFN said.

The performance showcased by the Romanian Naval Forces on water, air and land, under the FNR 2017 exercise, included seven tactical sequences and another seven introductory moments, conducted consecutively, over two hours, according to a scenario, using all the reaction and response forces of the Military Navy, capable of evolving into the three natural environments – water, air and land.


President Iohannis: We are a pillar of stability and a security supplier in the region


President Klaus Iohannis said on Tuesday that Romania assumes more actively its profile as a powerful state and a relevant regional actor. The head of state said that “we are a pillar of stability and a security supplier in the region.”

“Today’s ceremony is being carried out symbolically in an area with a special strategic importance from a military, political, economic, cultural and social point of view – the Black Sea Area. We have the duty to transform the entire potential of this region in real advantages for Romania. We are facing increasingly complex and volatile security challenges in the Black Sea area , such as a high degree of unpredictability and uncertainty. This is why, the decisions adopted by NATO are meant to contribute to the strengthening of the collective defence and deterrence measures, including in the Black Sea region, through the participation of riverside states. In the current context, Romania assumes more actively its profile as a powerful state and a relevant regional actor. We are a pillar of stability and a security supplier in the region. We are making consistent efforts so that the role of the Black Sea and its strategic importance be acknowledged by NATO and the European Union,” Klaus Iohannis stated on the occasion of festivities organised for the celebration of the Romanian Navy Day in Constanta.

The President underscored that a state cannot be truly powerful if it doesn’t have the capacity to protect its citizens and ensure security.

“We need an equipped and prepared army to successfully handle current challenges and this thing involves special efforts in terms of endowment and modernization. In this regard, the political agreement regarding the allocation, for the next decade, starting this year, of 2 percent of the national budget for Defence and the approval of the ‘Romanian Armed Forces Endowment Plan 2017-2026’ send a powerful signal of responsibility. Therefore, we show our partners that Romania is a credible and predictable state, determined to participate in ensuring collective security with its allies. The observance of this commitment on a long-term will enable the army to equip itself with state-of-the-art modern technology,” Klaus Iohannis stated.

Strengthening security and defence on the maritime dimension remains the main focus of Romania’s concerns, Klaus Iohannis underscored.

The head of state highlighted that for 2017, in the Black Sea region, not less than 18 exercises and complex training activities were planned, that were conducted together with Allies and partners.

Klaus Iohannis was impressed to see how many people have come to celebrate in Constanta this special day.

“It is the best proof of respect that you, the ones in the Romanian Navy, enjoy for your devotion (…) I congratulate you for succeeding in truly being, each year, in the midst of the people. It is an extremely important part of your public mission. I see many children who are eagerly looking forward to seeing exercises at sea. I know form my experience as a teacher that nothing compares to the satisfaction of capturing in the eyes of youngsters the enthusiasm and curiosity, which, often, inspire a future career,” President Iohannis stated.

The head of state also said that such moments reveal how strong are the symbols that unit us, offering us the occasion to feel part of a large community.

“We are bound by our common history, but also by the aspirations for a stronger and more prosper Romania. This must be the spirit for the celebrations in 2018 of the Great Union Centenary, learning for the past and acting firmly for a better future,” the President pointed out.

The head of state conveyed to sailors, whom this celebration is dedicated to, that “beyond the dangers of their profession, they experience happiness that many of us will never know.”


 Tutuianu : A celebration of those who serve with integrity, honor and devotion the traditions and creed of military and civil navy


National Defence Minister Adrian Tutuianu congratulated sailors on Tuesday, on the occasion of the Romanian Navy Day, for their devotion and professionalism.

“Today’s celebration is yours, all those who serve with integrity, honor and devotion the traditions and creed of military and civil navy. A thought of profound gratitude is directed today to those who have put their lives at risk, faithfully fulfilling missions and defending our country. On behalf of the Romanian Army and myself, I address the most sincere and warm congratulations to military and civilian sailors, port workers and shipbuilders. Through your courage, devotion and professionalism you honor Romania. Moreover, I congratulate the servicemen of the Naval Forces and the Coast Guard for the professionalism they prove every day, as well as within international missions and exercises conducted together with NATO allies and partners. May the Holy Virgin Mary accompany, protect and guard you in the missions that Romania entrusts you. Many happy returns!,” said Adrian Tutuianu, while  attending the activities taking place outside the Fleet Command in Constanta on the occasion of the Romanian Navy Day.


DefMin Tutuianu: Draft law on purchasing corvettes is ready; bill is to be sent to Parliament in autumn


National Defence Minister Adrian Tutuianu stated on Tuesday that he will send to Parliament, this autumn, the draft law regarding the acquisition of corvettes for the endowment of the Romanian Naval Forces, a document which currently undergoes approvals, at the relevant ministries.

“I had more talks with the President and I have informed him about what we are preparing at the National Defence Ministry [MApN]. I want to mention that the bill regarding the purchase of corvettes is ready, it already was submitted for approvals to the relevant ministries and we are to send it to Parliament this autumn. The upgrading programme of frigates and other endowment that are part of all that means equipping our fleets with modern weapons is tightly connected to this programme,” Tutuianu stated in Constanta, at the end of festivities dedicated to the celebration of the Romanian Navy Day.

The National Defence Minister also said that the interest is that “a great deal of what a corvette means” be produced by the national industry.

“The interest is the same, a good deal of what a corvette means be produced in Romania. We want them to be produced in Romania, a great deal of it, probably we cannot produce everything. We have a big delay, but as I have always said, I will say it today, the economic development is the best guarantee of security,” Tutuianu mentioned.

In this context, the National Defence Minister refused to discuss about the possible offers received from potential suppliers and military ships builders.


Senate’s Tariceanu: I thank our sailors for their devotion and professionalism


President of the Senate Calin Popescu-Tariceanu thanked Romanian sailors for their professionalism on the occasion of the Romanian Navy Day.

“Today, Romanians celebrate the Assumption of Mary, one of the greatest Christian feasts. For Romanians, 15 August has a double meaning, being also the Romanian Navy Day. In this great day, I thank our sailors for their devotion and professionalism, for the commitment and courage they proved in defending independence and sovereignty. The Navy Day offers us the occasion to show our respect towards an elite body of the Romanian Army, a true ambassador of our country. Many happy returns to Romanian sailors!,” Calin Popescu-Tariceanu wrote on his Facebook page.


IntMin Dan: Our regional security and stability commitments increase Romanian Navy’s role


Interior Minister Carmen Dan stated on Tuesday that Romania’s regional security and stability commitments increase the role of the Romanian Navy in the Black Sea area.

“The [Romanian] Navy Day symbolizes the courage to venture waters, the boldness to overcome barriers and go further in the name of common ideals and values. Today, we pay homage to military or civilian sailors who sacrificed their lives in armed conflicts for defending the country or in other dramatic circumstances that were to bring glory to the Romanian Navy. Today, we are privileged to be part of NATO and our regional security and stability commitments increase the role which the Romanian Navy has in this important geostrategic area of the Black Sea,” Carmen Dan said, as quoted in a release sent to AGERPRES by the Interior Ministry (MAI).

Carmen Dan underscored that, alongside servicemen who are being celebrated today, there are also border policemen – the ones who ensure the safety of the state border, the Black Sea included, but also the FRONTEX missions in the international waters and seas.

“I wish them much success in missions, good watch forward and clear waters! May the Holy Virgin Mary, who is the protector of Romanian sailors, guide and protect your journeys on water!,” Carmen Dan concluded.

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