PM Tudose to Romanians abroad: I am positive you have reasons to come back and work at home

Prime Minister Mihai Tudose says in a Facebook post, in reply to a question of a family of Romanians who left to work abroad, that the experience and knowledge acquired abroad by such Romanians are welcome in the activity areas in Romania, adding that he is positive that they have reasons to come back home.

“I am positive that the Romanians working abroad have reasons to come back home, and the experience and knowledge acquired abroad are welcome in your areas. We are kindly expecting you back home and we have faith that together we can bring our contribution to a better Romania!,” the head of Government concludes his post.

He presents in the comment posted on the social network the questions received from the family of Romanians. “Mrs Maria Palliu has a very good question and I believe it is of interest to many Romanians who chose or were forced to work abroad. They ask me ‘If my husband and I wish to come back to the country, can we find a well-paid job? In Bucharest? Me, in the healthcare area, and my husband as a jurist? Where we are working we make nice money, but our soul is back home, we still live with our country in our hearts here. I want to know if indeed steps are being made to provide well-paid jobs so we can come back. Thank you for your reply. I suppose I will also get it. Maria and Ion Palliu…’.”

The Prime Minister explains the two Romanians that the healthcare area needs well-trained people, and the increase in the medical staff incomes will continue, and that in the judicial area “there are plenty of opportunities both in the public environment and in the private one.”

“I know that it is tough abroad and you haven’t willingly left the country, but I am glad that your heart and mind is still in Romania. We always need well-trained people in all areas, especially in the healthcare area, where we initiated a wide campaign to remedy the systemic problems, including those in terms of staff payment (since the beginning of the year, salaries have gone up 15 percent, and we want to go on raising them – the uniform pay law provides significant salary increases),” the Prime Minister argues.

He also presents a series of important investments prepared by big international companies, which need well-trained people, paid accordingly, above the European average.

“We want and we are constantly making efforts to have a Romania that is attractive to investors. A big US company has taken steps to do business here. It is for the first time in the history of this company when they deploy production spaces from the mother-company in the US to another country, and they chose Romania. They want to make huge investments in our country (we are talking about investments worth almost 10 billion euro in the coming years), to establish a joint venture and a wide-range technology transfer. Furthermore, two weeks ago, a worldwide-known company initiated a half a billion euro investment in Romania. We are talking about jobs paid better than the European average,” Prime Minister Mihai Tudose says.

At the same time, he concludes that things “are going to a right direction” in Romania. “Romania which we want to offer our families and our children is one under continuous economic and social development, and things are going to a right direction (the unemployment rate is at a historic minimum, the purchasing power of the average salary earning is increasing, exports are at historic highs),” the PM also said in the post in question.

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