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ForMin Melescanu: Romania remains devoted to the principles underlaying humanitarian action

Romania remains devoted to the principles underlaying humanitarian action, said Minister of Foreign Affairs, Teodor Melescanu, in a message delivered on the occasion of the World Humanitarian Day, celebrated on August 19.

According to a press release of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs (MAE), on Saturday remitted to AGERPRES, the diplomatic institution celebrated the World Humanitarian Day and pays homage to all those who take chances and make personal sacrifices to reduce the suffering and help the victims of conflicts, violence or natural disasters.

“At the urge of the campaign “Not A Target”, launched by the United Nations Organisation in 2017 in marking the World Humanitarian Day, MAE joins the global campaign aimed at raising awareness about the importance of protecting civilians, children, women and humanitarian and medical workers, by paying an homage to all those who support humanitarian action. In a geopolitical context marked by extensive crises, Romania remains devoted to the principles underlaying humanitarian action and commits to bring its concrete contribution to the process of distribution of responsibilities among the states involved in humanitarian action,” said Melescanu in the release.

According to the same source and to the UN Office for Steering Humanitarian Action (UN OCHA), as of January 2017, the number of persons who need humanitarian aid increased from 12.5 million up to 141.1 million in 37 countries, with the necessary budget estimated for ensuring the basic needs in terms of humanitarian aid standing in 2017 at 23.5 billion US dollars, amount that is 26 per cent covered at this point.

Moreover, MAE informs that, in 2017, Romania granted humanitarian aid to refugees from Syrian worth 5.3 million euros for reducing the effects generated by the conflict on children and the Syrian population now stationed on the territories of the neighbouring states, which proves our country’s active engagement in the efforts of the international communities when it comes to managing the humanitarian crises.

In the same context, Minister Melescanu underscored that Romania “firmly condemns the attacks and threats facing the humanitarian workers and requested the unconditioned observance of the international humanitarian right, including the ensuring of the protection of civilians.”

August 19 was chosen as the World Humanitarian Day through UN General Assembly resolution A/RES/139 of 2008, to commemorate the 2003 terrorist attack against the UN headquarters in Bagdad, in which 22 people lost their lives and more than 10 were wounded.

The World Humanitarian Day is dedicated to raising awareness among the people with respect to the importance of humanitarian action and international cooperation in this field.

According to MAE, Romania granted humanitarian aids worth approx. 11,2 million euros to 12 countries facing crises.


“We’ve made an offer to relocate 1,942 refugees to Romania”


The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Teodor Melescanu, has recently stated that he made an offer to bring to Romania 1,942 refugees who are now in Greece and Italy.

“Recently, I have made an offer for 1,942 refugees from Greece and Italy whom we can relocate to Romania. We already have about 700 refugees on our territory,” Melescanu said in an interview for private TV broadcaster Realitatea TV, on Friday.

He underlined that Romania “is massively participating in the Black Sea operations aimed at stoping the refugees flow and rescuing those who dare to venture into such actions.’

“Obviously, the migration issue and the refugees issue represent two distinct categories. The first category includes those who become refugees out of political reasons, who are running from war, but there is also an economic migration, especially from such countries with failed regimes and with very difficult living conditions. Romania expressed her solidarity, although we started from the idea that it is not normal to have such fixed refugee quotas. At the same time, we showed our readiness to receive a certain number of refugees,” added the Minister.

Melescanu also showed that Romania is currently working on an initiative to sent 50 gendarmes and policemen to train the Iraqi security forces for fighting the Daesh.

“Romania committed to contribute 800,000 euros to the coalition against the Islamic state and help the civilian victims in those areas. Besides this contribution, which will be made during the next four years, when we are going to contribute 200,000 every year, we will also bring a 340,000 euros worth contribution to those people who are hurting in Syria. This is mainly a humanitarian aid and, also, we are going to bring another contribution which we didn’t establish yet, to the European Union Fund, to help Syrian refugees stationed in Turkey at this hour,” the Foreign Affairs Minister explained.

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