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March 21, 2023

Raed Arafat on World Humanitarian Day: People who help vulnerable people should not be target

Both the people who help the vulnerable and those in need should not be the target of any form of violence is the message sent by the head of Emergency Department (DSU) Raed Arafat on August 19, the World Humanitarian Day .

“We started celebrating the World Humanitarian Day in 2008. It all started with a cowardly attack on United Nations workers who helped others. The world cannot exist without solidarity, without people helping each other without the countries helping each other and vulnerable people being helped wherever they are. Whether we are talking about conflicts, natural disasters or other crises, there are always vulnerable people who need help, generally women, the elderly and the poor. They do not have access to basic things in such situations. To help them we need workers who are under the United Nations mandate or sent to countries willing to help others. Therefore, we must understand that vulnerable people cannot be the victims of any form of violence and those who provide humanitarian aid are part of the system that supports these people. Under no circumstance should they become a target,” Arafat points out in a video post posted on the Facebook page of the DSU on Friday.

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