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February 1, 2023

EUR one million for Chisinau, to be granted by Bucharest’s District 1 Municipality

The mayor of Bucharest’s District 1 City Hall, Daniel Tudorache (photo) said on Sunday at the “Union’s Centennial and Basarabia” Conference that by the end of 2017, the Local Council of District 1 will grant the Chisinau City Hall one million Euros.

“Certainly, if our mayors pair with a town or city, a commune and each and everyone gives some money according to their possibilities, even if a smaller amount, we will certainly be closer to this desideratum. Hopefully by December 2018 we will accomplish this Centennial desideratum,” Tudorache stated referring to the .

In his turn, the liberal Deputy MP Florin Roman, vice-president of the parliamentary Committee for the Great Union’s Centennial, pleaded that following the city halls’ pattern, the county councils pair with rayons (districts) of the Republic of Moldova.

“It is high time that the county councils with higher financial power to really do the Union, and if each city council of Romania would “adopt” one of the 32 rayons of Moldova, then we could undoubtedly talk about a real support, a possibility to kick off investments, to fix roads, schools and sewage and water works,” Roman stressed.

Roman criticised the authorities’ lack of involvement in preparing the Great Union’s Centennial, asking rhetorically that at 100 years since the fathering of the Romanian modern state we are not capable to erect a memorial to those who have written in blood at 1 December the establishment of the state!

“Let us be honest: we talk a lot and do less. On both sides. We have no calendar of the events. We have a bunch of amateurs who I believe have never felt Romanian, because he who feels Romanian cannot treat the most important moment in the history of the Romanians with such disdain. But we shall fight in the Parliament and I’m certain that we shall wake them up, eventually,” Roman added.

The “Union’s Centennial and Basarabia” Conference was organised by the Actiunea 2012 Unionist Platform at the Parliament Palace, upon which the Alliance for Centennial was launched, a concrete action plan for 2018 almost 100 civic organisations of Romania, the Republic of Moldova and the Diaspora, have adhered to.

District 1’s Mayor Daniel Tudorache and the Praetor of Centre Sector of Chisinau, Oleg Poiata have signed at the beginning of May an agreement of cooperation between the administrative areas they represent. The agreement provides cooperation with a view to increase the institutional capacity of the local public authorities they represent in order to ensure the local communities’ economic and social development.

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