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March 30, 2023

Liberal’s national leader Orban: Current Gov’t is sharing resources it doesn’t have

The president of the National Liberal Party (PNL), Ludovic Orban on Saturday night expressed concern towards Romania’s indebtedness’ increase asserting that the current government “is sharing resources it doesn’t have.”

“What I rebuke this government is that it remains with the same mentality, namely to share resources it doesn’t have instead of drafting an economic policy capable to really ensure development. Have a look to what’s happening! The indebtedness grew in six months by two percentage points. It means almost four billion Euros of extra debt, and the crediting rhythm is extremely huge, because there is no financial resource to make the payments they have generated through the laws they have endorsed. In the first six months there is a uncharacteristic 6.2 billion Euros budget deficit,” Orban assessed.

The liberal leader also draws attention to the fact that the public investments in the first half of the year are the smallest of the last decade.

“Six billion were invested in the past six months. It is embarrassing, considering that Romania needs in the first place, to develop its infrastructure,” Ludovic Orban specified.

The PNL president also deems that “those who rule Romania today have no interest whatsoever to economically develop Romania” on reason that through such measures the main ruling Social Democratic Party (PSD) is keeping captive its electorate.

According to Orban, the current Left is “anti-development” and “against economic growth.”

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