HealthMin Bodog: Wages of medical staff to be close to EU level, as of 2018

The public healthcare system needs to keep up with the wage table for the medical staff, but also with the medical infrastructure available in the private sector, Minister of Healthcare Florian Bodog wrote on his Facebook page on Wednesday.

According to the Minister, starting next year, the medical staff will almost reach, for the first time, the level of salaries in the European Union.

“The public healthcare system must keep up with the wage table for the medical staff, and also with the medical infrastructure available in the private area. There are many Romanians who cannot afford to treat themselves in the private medical institutions. And they shouldn’t need to do that either. The fact that they are paying for medical insurance guarantees them access to the medical services they need. The public healthcare system should be not only the main provider of medical services for Romanians, but also the main provider of quality. We’ve made important steps toward correcting a part of the deficiencies in the public system. As of 2018, the public healthcare systems will be, for the first time, almost reaching the level of salaries in the European Union.,” said the Minister.

He also mentioned that equipping the hospitals with modern devices is a priority, and also that state-of-the-art equipment for anesthesia, radiotherapy and magnetic resonance imaging have already been delivered to many of the hospitals that didn’t have such devices.

“We will continue with our policy of acquiring modern equipment, until absolutely all county, regional and university hospitals will have such devices for the patients in need,” said the official.

He quoted an analysis showing that the public healthcare system lost 5,000 doctors since 1997 up to now, while 21,000 switched to the private medical system.

“Thus, more than 35,000 doctors and 80,000 nurses were operating in the public system in 2016. The figures for the private sector show that there are more than 21,000 doctors and 42,00 nurses operating here. The migration of young doctors abroad and the fact that doctors left the public sector for the private one contributed to the departure of the medical staff from the public sector,” said the Minister.

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