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March 30, 2023

Energy Minister: Electricity export so far up rd 60 percent against 2016

So far, Romania’s electricity exports so far against 2016 grew by rd 60 percent, on Friday said in northeastern Bistrita the Energy Minister, Toma Petcu.

“Should we take a look at the first seven months of 2017 – the eighth is almost ended, too, Romania is net exporter of electric power. It (the export, ed. n.) has grown by rd 60 percent as compared to 2016, meaning very clearly that Romania is certainly producing more than it consumes. And this is because we have the possibility to produce electricity, from a pretty developed energy mix,” the minister said.

As regards the liberalisation of the electricity market, Toma Petcu acknowledges that the population doesn’t give pay much interest to changing power supplier, although this could bring them cheaper invoices.

Speaking about the situation of the approximately 30,000 households in Romania located in hard-to-reach areas and are not connected to the national power grid, the minister said a programme through which these people could purchase photovoltaic cells could be a solution.

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