Minister-delegate Negrescu on European Medicines Agency: Romania has a chance of hosting it, needs to speak with one voice

Romania has a chance of hosting the European Medicines Agency in Bucharest, Minister-delegate for European Affairs Victor Negrescu said on Sunday, adding that it is necessary for all Romanian officials to support this bid.

“It is not an easy process. Do we stand a chance? We do somehow; I do not want us to be overly optimistic but it is important that we work together. That is why, for example, I have invited the Romanian MEPs to a discussion this week, and together with the attendees we established that everyone, regardless of political leanings, will support this bid, all eth attendees (…) We have to speak with one voice. We are the only state where, from what I’ve heard, criticisms have emerged,” Negrescu said in Alba-Iulia.

He gave Bulgaria as an example, which is also bidding to host the European Medicines Agency.

“In Bulgaria, where they have a small bid file, no one has criticised, everyone is supporting the bid … Romania should learn from that. When we talk about Romania’s interests, we should all talk with the same voice,” Negrescu said.

In his opinion, the relocation from London to Bucharest of this agency would bring “important advantages” to Romania.

“It is one of the largest agencies of the European Union; we are talking about almost 900 people working with this agency (…) This agency organises annually events that bring together about 40,000 people … This agency is perfectly autonomous, it is no longer funded from the European Union budget, because the activities it provides generate a lot of money for this agency,” Negrescu said.

He also presented the advantages of the Pipera headquarters proposed by Romania to host the institution.

“Our headquarters, which are new, energy efficient, close to the subway (…) is half an hour away from the airport (…). Our headquarters are near some places where people can live, near shopping centres (…) Romania has what we call the smartest relocation for the European agency (…) The relocation costs will be very low and the Romanian headquarters can become operational first day after relocation,” Negrescu pointed out.

Negrescu also said that a final decision on the relocation of the agency will be taken in November, and a “very intense diplomatic action” is needed to boost Romania’s chances.

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