Romania, last in European Union in terms of 2015 individual health spending

Romania’s expenditure on health in 2015 was standing at 340 euros per capita inhabitant, the lowest such expenditure in the European Union, where the average was 600 euros per inhabitant, according to statistics released on Friday by the EU’s official statistics office Eurostat.

By comparison, Bulgaria spent 343 per inhabitant; Latvia 468 euros; Poland 520 euros, and Hungary 592 euros. At the opposite end, EU member states spent more than 3,000 euros per inhabitant on health, headed by Luxembourg (4,112 euros), Denmark (4,094 euros), the Netherlands (3,194 euros), Sweden (3,170 euros), Austria (3,149 euro), Ireland (3,138 euros) and the UK (3,020 euros).

Romania was also among the last in the EU in terms of the ratio of government expenditure for health to Gross Domestic Product (GDP): 4.2 percent in 2015. Smaller percentages were reported in Cyprus (2.6 percent) and Latvia (3.8 percent). In contrast, Denmark (8.6 percent); France (8.2 percent); Austria (8 percent) and the Netherlands (8 percent), spent the most in relative terms.

In 2015, nearly 1,058 billion euros of general government expenditure was spent by the EU member states on health. This figure is equivalent to 7.2 percent of the EU’s GDP. Health is the second largest item of public expenditure, after social protection (19.2 percent).

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