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September 23, 2021

PM Tudose: Romania’s consul to Lisbon to be revoked for managing poorly Romanian tourists’ situation

Prime Minister Mihai Tudose announced that he has asked for the dismissal of Romania’s consul to Lisbon over the poor way in which the latter managed the situation of Romanian tourists stuck at the airport based in the Capital City of Portugal, also adding that he hopes for their situation to be settled as soon as possible.

“I have got in touch with the Romanian tourists stuck at the Lisbon-based airport, with the government authorities in Portugal and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MAE) and I hope that the situation will be settled as soon as possible. I received promises that, somewhere between 5 pm and 5:30 pm, a TAP aircraft, with Romanian tourists on board, will take off from Lisbon. Otherwise, we have a TAROM aircraft prepared to bring them home. Also, I have requested for Romania’s consul to Lisbon to be recalled over the poor manner in which she managed the situation,” Tudose wrote on Monday on his Facebook page.

According to the head of the Executive, the role of the consul is to protect the interests of Romanian citizens in their residence states and to grant them assistance and help.

“We are sorry for the fact that the 100 Romanian citizens were not receiving the proper assistance on behalf of the Romanian state. I hope things will be settled as soon as possible and that in the future all those entitled to prevent such unpleasant situations will properly do their job,” said Tudose.

Governmental sources on Monday morning told AGERPRES that Prime Minister Tudose decided to recall Alina Dociu from her office of Romania’s consul to Lisbon. According to these sources, the head of the Executive is unpleased with the manner in which she managed the situation of the Romanian tourists who remained stuck in Lisbon, after two flights of TAP Portugal on the Lisbon-Bucharest route were canceled.

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