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January 26, 2022

HealthMin Bodog: Very good idea to turn Cantacuzino Institute into military unit

The decision to turn the Cantacuzino Institute into a military unit is “very good”, Health Minister Florian Bodog said on Monday, adding that few specialists remained there and salary payment problems existed, too.

“Each time one tried to put things in order there, this attempt came against the reaction of either the trade union, or of the public opinion. The institute was shrouded in a series of myths, basically that it allegedly is a source for the real estate market speculators since it has two priceless plots of land, which is true. In the Cantacuzino Institute remained very few specialists, most of them have just left. There were problems with paying the salaries, too. No vaccine is made there currently, but more than that, the licences they used to have for all the fabrication lines are lost,” Minister Florian Bodog told the private broadcaster Realitatea Tv.

According to Bodog, Cantacuzino only makes one or two food supplements to stimulate immunity, which are very good, but are not vaccines.

“I believe the decision to turn the institute into a military unit (…) is very good, because the research activity and the production could go in parallel. From what I learned from the Defence Ministry, they are going to have a special products’ manufacturing line. Within two years, Mr. Minister (Defence Minister Tutuianu, ed.n.) promised to start again the vaccines manufacturing line. The manufacturing line over there unfortunately could not make large-consumption vaccines because it is placed at semi-basement, and there are no conditions to get the go-ahead,” Bodog said.

The minister says a new production line should be established outside Bucharest and reminded that the institute has two such spots.

“Should we start producing vaccines for Romania it’s very good. Why not make for the neighbouring countries, too? Since the Cantacuzino Institute is a noted brand in Europe. As we know, all the world vaccines’ producers have problems with the shipping and the manufacturing. For instance, until a month ago for the Hepatitis B vaccine none of the manufacturing companies had the GMP certificate, they couldn’t deliver in the EU. Researchers exist. The University of Medicine has got young people, not only in Bucharest, but in the country’s too. They are young people who I believe would like to work in such a unit. It is a huge trust on behalf of the Romanians in the Cantacuzino Institute and this is very important to increase the acceptability of the parents towards vaccination and towards any Cantacuzino product. A lot of problems are to be solved there and I believe it is good omens that it has been turned into a military unit,” the minister concluded.

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