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January 16, 2021

MP Florea: There are no legal provisions forbidding the prosecutor from sending requested documents

Chair of the parliamentary committee inquiring into the 2009 presidential election Oana Florea said Tuesday that she agreed “wholeheartedly” to meet Attorney General Augustin Lazar to solve a problem, not to create a conflict , mentioning that, as far as the committee is concerned, there are no legal elements forbidding the prosecutor from sending the requested documents.

“I am a person that favours dialogue and I wholeheartedly agreed on this meeting. I hope we will manage to clear at least some aspects the committee needs to draw up its report because, from our point of view, there is no legal provision that forbids the prosecutor from giving us the requested documents. I do not know what to say about my expectations. I do not think of anything. I just want to have a clearer discussion, pure and simple. We are trying to solve a problem not to create a conflict or another problem,” Florea told AGERPRES.

Asked about the statement by Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies Liviu Dragnea that this meeting should take place at Parliament House, Florea said: “We have not discussed the venue. Yesterday morning, when I spoke with the minister [Justice Minister Tudorel Toader] he said that he will invite us to his office for a discussion. This was the last information that I have from the minister. I am waiting for him to call the meeting.”

Attorney General Augustin Lazar said on Tuesday that a “one-on-one” discussion with the members of the inquiry committee into the 2009 presidential election is the best solution, but added that prosecutors would certainly not be able to send a case file for examination by an extrajudicial institution.

The Justice Ministry said Monday that the Minister of Justice, Tudorel Toader, and Attorney General Augustin Lazar agreed to meet in the period immediately ahead the lawmakers from the select inquiry committee. The meeting came about after the Attorney General’s Office refused to send to the committee a copy of the file on the organisation of the 2009 election on the grounds that “the work of an inquiry committee has no connection with a judicial investigation, the subject of which is different,” so the two investigations cannot interfere.

On Tuesday, Speaker Dragnea said that any meeting of the committee with heads of institutions should take place at Parliament House exclusively, no matter what institutions are involved.

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