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February 2, 2023

Annual Meeting of Romanian Diplomats: Romania must actively contribute to reflection process on EU’s future, says President Iohannis. ” Your duty is to act more rigorously to counter threats and challenges”

Romania must contribute in an active manner to the reflection process on European Union’s future, said on Wednesday President Klaus Iohannis, stressing that our country must be next to the states that act to strengthening the EU.

“As an advocate of the European project, Romania must contribute in an active manner to the reflection process on the European Union’s future. We need a strong, prosperous, safe, united Europe, that is closer to its citizens and better adjusted at global level,” Iohannis said on Wednesday at the Cotroceni presidential palace, on the occasion of the Annual Meeting of Romanian Diplomats.

He stressed that to Romania, to continue integration at the EU level stays an extremely important strategic objective.

“We must be next to those member states that take action towards the Union’s strengthening. The closer we’ll be to this nucleus of states, the more we’ll matter for the European decision-making process and have more chances of development,” said Iohannis, recalling that he pleaded actively for this goal in the meetings he had with the German Chancellor Angela Merkel and the French President Emmanuel Macron.

The head of the state added that Europe needs a broader capacity of adjustment so it could outcome the current challenges, indicating that the tools of this adjustment must be in such a manner conceived that an even widening gap among the member states be avoided.

“Although currently everybody acknowledges that there are various integration stages, this must be the exception, and not the rule. We don’t want at any rate to get back to the artificial East-West division. Even if a project of the Union is initially agreed by a group of states, it must remain open to any of the member states that afterwards wish to be part of this project,” Iohannis added.


“ Romania in best position to support transatlantic relationship”


President Klaus Iohannis also told diplomats attending the meeting that Romania is in the best position to support the transatlantic relationship and urged Romanian diplomats to support this imperative.

“Romania, a strong ally and strategic partner of the US, but also an EU member state deeply committed to the European project, is today perhaps in the best position to support the transatlantic relationship. It is the duty of each of you to firmly support this imperative. I am referring to everyone, let nobody have the impression that this subject of the transatlantic relationship and the relationship with NATO is a matter only for ambassadors Maior and Stoian to handle. No, everyone – you and I – must see to this,” Iohannis said at the Cotroceni presidential palace at the Annual Meeting of Romanian Diplomats.

“To an equal extent, the meeting with President Trump was important because it reaffirmed the commitment of the US to the security of our region, Romania included, being at the same time a recognition of our country’s capability of acting as a security provider and design our common values in the region,” Iohannis said, asking the Romanian diplomats to act consistently towards the full implementation of the decisions made in Washington this June.

“A solid transatlantic relationship under the NATO aegis is the foundation and, at the same time, the essential driver of allied security and is inextricably linked to the effective implementation of Article 5, the much-discussed Article 5. At the same time, in a broad picture, the European Union cannot fully ensure its security without the US. For the same reason, the US equally need a united and powerful European Union,” said the head of the Romanian state.


“Romania’s accession to eurozone essential step, we’ll explain it to some of country’s  leaders”


Romania’s accession to the eurozone is an essential step to strengthening the country’s role at European level, President Klaus Iohannis said on Wednesday, when addressing the mission heads and general consuls of Romania at the Cotroceni presidential palace.

The president added that the above-mentioned move will be explained to some of our country’s “leaders” too.

“Romania’s accession to the eurozone, when all conditions will be met, is an essential step to strengthening Romania’s role at European level. Mr. Minister (ForMin Teodor Melescanu, ed. n.) I liked that you’ve mentioned this aspect, although some of the leaders of Romania did not understand quite properly what it is all about, but we’ll do our best to explain it to them,” Iohannis stressed, on the occasion of the Annual Meeting of Romanian Diplomats.


“There is need for clear and uniform approach of the relationship with Russia”


As far as the relationship with Russia is concerned, a clear and uniform approach is needed, Romania’s President Klaus Iohannis told a meeting of Romanian ambassadors and consuls accredited abroad who are present in Bucharest for the Annual Meeting of the Romanian Diplomacy.

At the same time, the head of state showed that Romania continues its policy of support for the Republic of Moldova’s accession to the European Union.

“With regard to the immediate proximity, I want to remind you of Romania’s permanent priority, which is the development of the Republic of Moldova’s strategic partnership for European integration, a complicated theme. We will continue to support Moldova’s European journey, including the consolidation of the country’s domestic democratic institutions, strategic bilateral interconnection projects and projects that directly benefit Moldovan citizens,” added Iohannis.

According to him, supporting the European and Euro-Atlantic integration of the Western Balkan states and cooperation with these countries will have to be priorities of Romania’s diplomatic action.

“Without the integration of the Western Balkan states, the Balkans will not become stable; it is that simple,” Iohannis said.

He also pointed out that the foreign policy agenda will also continue to develop the strategic relationship with Ukraine.

“At the same time, we would like to be more active in Central Asia and the Middle East, especially in the economic dimension and not only. At the same time, I am reminding you of the need for Romanian diplomacy to be more active in promoting economic relations with Asian states, Latin America and Africa,” Iohannis added.


” Your duty is to act more rigorously to counter threats and challenges”


Iohannis also told Romanian diplomats that their duty is to act more rigorously and effectively to counter threats and challenges so that Romania’s objectives may be met.

“As I was telling you last year as well, your duty is to act more rigorously and more effectively to counter these threats and challenges, to find lasting solutions so that Romania’s national goals may be achieved and Romanians may be well protected. At the same time, as diplomats, it is important to benefit from a special advantage, which must be preserved at all costs, namely Romania being politically stable with a significant economic growth that also continues to consolidate the rule of law at home. While preserving these assets remains the political responsibility of the Government and the ruling coalition, preserving Romania’s external political and security credibility as a dependable state is your responsibility. I am convinced that each member of the diplomatic and consular corps of Romania is aware of this imperative,” Iohannis told the Annual Meeting of Romanian Diplomacy at the Cotroceni Presidential Palace .

He pointed out that this diplomatic year has been a difficult one and he mentioned that although there are reasons for optimism, given that extremism and populism have suffered a number of electoral defeats, the same involvement is also necessary for the internal challenges facing the European Union, namely Brexit and the revival of the European project.

Finally, the head of state wished the diplomats success in their work.


Iohannis asks Romanian ambassadors to pay the greatest attention to defending rights of Romanians abroad


President Klaus Iohannis on Wednesday urged Romanian diplomats to promote the rule of law and to pay the greatest attention to the defence of the rights and interests of Romanians everywhere.

“I am urging you (…) in all your diplomatic activity to continuously and firmly promote the democratic values of the rule of law… (…) Please pay the utmost attention to the strictest protection of the rights and interests of Romanians abroad. There are Romanians living in many parts of the world, but there are essential differences between the different Romanian communities: there are Romanians who have ancient historical links with their home country; they are Romanians who have left only after the [December 1989] Revolution and each country has its specificity with Romanians there. I and you have to be very and equally interested in all of them,” Iohannis told a meeting at the Cotroceni Presidential Palace with Romanian ambassadors and consuls accredited abroad who are present in Bucharest for the Annual Meeting of Romanian Diplomacy.

He also mentioned the importance of supporting multilateralism based on respect for the international law, and Romania’s bids for the UN Security Council and the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD).

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