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February 3, 2023

PM Tudose: Romania’s biggest enemies in Brussels are Romanians

“Romania is undermined in Brussels by Romanians themselves”, on Tuesday night said Premier Mihai Tudose for the private broadcaster Romania TV, adding that this is something he doesn’t understand.

“To be honest, I don’t get it. I’ve tried to find arguments. Maybe it is this way they (the ones who attack Romania, ed. n.) try to legitimate themselves there. That they are active, informed and helping the European Union to operate, so that the EU is vigilant when we steal the tea sugar over here. Other people do that out of malice or from a political fight that lacks any logics. I don’t know what is their reason, but we made it to have the Romanians themselves the biggest enemies of Romania in Brussels,” Tudose said.

The head of the government added that he didn’t rule out some foreign interests in blocking Romania’s progress, either.

“We are bothering because we are becoming competitors, we enter an area of competitiveness. Romania could not stay with the only area that makes it attractive, namely the cheap workforce. We are commencing to grow at what is known as competitiveness, we are commencing to grow at the creative industries, we are commencing to grow at the added value given by the industry, since the industrial output increased by 8 percent, the export grew by 8 percent, too. Yes, we are commencing to bother, in the positive way. Instead of continuing to be a client country, we are beginning to be a partner, we are beginning to count in this economic war, too. Obviously the other governments try to protect their economies. If we get there, we occupy a spot. They don’t seem to like it. That’s life!” Tudose argued.


“ I don’t believe we lose the arbitration process on Rosia Montana”


“I don’t believe the Romanian state will lose the arbitration process on Rosia Montana”, on Tuesday night said Prime Minister Mihai Tudose in a broadcast at private Romania TV station.

“They say they did a lot of investment, but they invested in <>, they erected a church, they paid some people, they were full of video clips with families happy that the investors had got there. Those video clips cost dearly. Now they drew a line, put together all that spending and said <> Wait a minute, you said you invest in mining, in gold digging, and not in video clips, not in museums or anything else,” Tudose said.

Mihai Tudose added that the Government will try to challenge the decision by the Ciolos government, inked in the last moment in January 2017, just before ending their mandate, that was to declare the Rosia Montana a naturally protected area and sent the papers to UNESCO. He said that, in the light of that request by the Ciolos government, there at Rosia Montana no one could ever dig even for a worm, since it is a protected area.

“It’s hard to be accepted. After being accepted, it is hard to take it back.We’ll try to take it back, to say we are not sharing that point of view, thus placing ourselves in an absolutely awkward situation in front of the international relevant bodies, we’ll try and see. Should things stay unchanged, then it is finished. There lay our deposits,” Tudose said.

He specified that he didn’t know the reason why Rosia Montana was declared a protected area.


“  I refused to get my pay on card, I find it worthless”


Premier Mihai Tudose also told the private broadcaster Romania TV that he refused to get his salary on the card, since he didn’t want to pay commissions for the bank transactions.

Mihai Tudose gave that answer when asked why he has no bank accounts.

“I don’t really have money for banks, this is all my money. (…) I refused to be paid through a bank card so that I was not compelled to pay that bank two penny (<>) every time I used my card. I don’t want to pay it, I find it worthless,” he explained.

Quizzed on where should the people keep their savings, the head of the government said at the “serious” banks, the ones that make profit.


‘Laser Valley’ project in for steep development around Magurele platform


We are preparing for a steep development of the Laser Valley project around the laser facility on the Magurele platform, Premier Mihai Tudose said on Tuesday, stating that the investment will be around 15 billion euro.

We want to build a campus as a mini-town, to expand that area to the Bucharest boundaries, exactly on model of Sillicon Valley, for it to be Romania’s research area, Tudose told Romania TV private television channel.

He mentioned that there is a blueprint for the project and that the technical procedures will start soon. “By the end of next month, we will have the project management unit in place and we will start unfolding the project. It aroused high interest both in the country and abroad. We’ll have both foreign investors and European money, only that, I tell you again, we will need several thousand experts in this professional area,” the PM said.

In this context, Tudose also spoke about a future collaboration with the academic milieu, but also about an allocation of funds to education capable of providing the experts a project of such magnitude needs.

“We’ll start cooperation and our discussion with the academic milieu is as follows: if we decide to develop these elements and consequently determine that in five years we’ll be needing over 15 – 20,000 IT and laser experts, a certain category of professionals, let’s adjust schooling figures and the money to this goal, provide free education in these areas and assign fewer state-subsidized places to other disciplines. That’s it, whoever wants to pursue a certain career, let him either go for the 100 state-funded places, or pay tuition on his own, but the state wants to develop particular areas,” the Prime Minister said.



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