Healthcare Ministry, National Insurance House request administrative inquiry in Bihor

Minister of Healthcare Florian Bodog (photo) and the management of the National Health Insurance House (CNAS) have asked the director of Bihor County Health Insurance House (CJAS) to urgently start an administrative inquiry to establish the truth and identify the guilty persons in the case of patients subjected to “inhuman and degrading treatment” by CJAS Bihor.

At the same time, Bodog ordered inspectors to be dispatched from the Control Body to CJAS Bihor.

“Administrative inquiry is a legal and absolutely necessary approach in order to cast light in this case as long as civil servants are involved,” reads a press statement released by the Healthcare Ministry.

At the same time, Bodog requested the management of the Bihor County Health Insurance House to carry out, as soon as possible, all the necessary verifications and to present to the relevant officials the conclusions of this investigation with a view to identifying and penalising all the culprits.

According to the Ministry of Healthcare, the slippage reported at the Bihor County Health Insurance House is a particularly serious one and as a result the minister has ordered inspectors from the Control Body of MS being dispatched to CJAS Bihor to cooperate with the CNAS Oversight, Control and Anti-Fraud General Directorate.

This joint investigation team will carry out an extensive inquiry at CJAS Bihor simultaneously with the administrative inquiry.

“The Minister of Healthcare is expressing total disapproval of such facts, urging all healthcare workers to carry out their daily work by demonstrating the greatest possible consideration to the needs of the persons they care for,” the ministry says.

Prime Minister Mihai Tudose on Wednesday urged Healthcare Minister Florian Bodog to dismiss from office those responsible for the fact that several people with locomotor disabilities were “brought in and dumped on a hallway” at CJAS Bihor.

The Digi 24 private television broadcaster has aired footage from CJAS Bihor in which two bedridden patients were taken on a stretcher to the counters of the institution.

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