Speaker Dragnea: Romania’s zootechnical potential, huge; we should eat in Romania what its land produces

National leader of the Social Democratic Party (PSD), major at rule, and Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies Liviu Dragnea, considers that Romania’s livestock potential is huge and draws attention that significant amounts of grain that leave the country return in the form of bakery products.

“Romania should return to its former livestock management. The zootechnical potential of this country is huge. I know, there was a period after the [December 1989] Revolution when we were told that we should no longer pay subsidies for agriculture, that we should close pig, fowl, cow farms. (…) Firstly, we have to eat in Romania what its land produces, because the land here is rich and everything it produces is very tasty. (…) Huge quantities of grain are leaving Romania only to return as bakery products,” Dragnea said Thursday on a visit to the Curtici Agro-Industrial Works.

He argues that agricultural production should continue in the livestock sector.

“We can see cattle farms, dairy farms, pig farms, slaughterhouses, we can see here how it should be in all of Romania in a fairly reasonable time (…) If we maintain the consistency of our programmes, if we keep up subsidies, we will stimulate the chain in agricultural produce, “added Dragnea.

Dragnea and Agriculture Minister Petre Daea on Thursday toured Arad County, visiting the Curtici Agro-Industrial Works made up of a cow farm, a slaughterhouse for the processing and industrialisation of pork and beef and the Research and Development Station for Cattle Breeding.


“We will come up with a bill to help Romanians buy farmland”


Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies Liviu Dragnea announced that a draft law is being prepared under which Romanians and especially young people are supported in the purchase of farmland because, in his opinion, too many plots of land are bought by foreigners.

“We must try to stop what is happening in the field of farmland sales in Romania. There is a law that is being eschewed, as its criteria are not met; respecting the requirements of the European Union, we will come up with a bill very quickly in Parliament to help, first of all, Romanians buy land, to help young Romanians buy land, because what is happening now is not right,” Dragnea told a news conference at the Curtici Agro-Industrial Works.

He gave examples of transactions in which foreigners holding farmland in Romania prefer to sell to other foreigners to the detriment of Romanians.

“We have nothing against foreigners, but we finally talk about the land of this country, and I think that the first ones to be prioritised must be Romanians. I know that I will generate a lot of comments. We will very soon go before Parliament with the bill, which is almost completed,” said Dragnea.


“Anti-hail programme, also aimed at increasing precipitations, to cover 11 million ha”


Liviu Dragnea on Thursday stated, while on a visit to Curtici that the anti-hail programme, also aimed at increasing precipitations, will cover a total surface of 11 million hectares, being essential, alongside the other programme referring to irrigations, for the growth of the agricultural production in Romania.

“When the anti-hail programme, also meant for increasing precipitations, is finished, it will cover a total surface of 11 million hectares, out of which two million hectares will be used for stimulating precipitations. (…) If we are going to complete this programme referring to irrigations with water up to the free pressure setting stations, and if the anti-hail programme, also designed for increasing precipitation, is completed, then we will have the first essential conditions in place for growing agricultural production in Romania and farmers’ income, the Gross Domestic Product, the revenues to the budget and generate development for this country,” Liviu Dragnea told a press conference that took place at the Curtici Agroindustrial Plant.

Liviu Dragnea also referred to a “strange” situation of a water capture system in Mures, who reached to Hungary, while the Romanian agricultures didn’t have access to it, also mentioning that the Minister of Agriculture is conducting searches, together with the National Agency for Land Improvements.


PSD’s Dragnea concerned when ambassadors go to ministers and promote interests of foreign companies


Chairman of the Social Democratic Party (PSD) Liviu Dragnea voiced concern that ambassadors go to ministers and promote the interests of some foreign companies, while wondering if such actions could be considered “acts of corruptions.”

“I, too, am concerned when ambassadors go to ministers every day and promote the interests of some foreign companies. Who knows, perhaps one could think that this too is an act of corruption. Because, and this is for sure, if you would go to a minister and promote the interests of Mr Musca’s company [owner of the Curtici Agroindustrial Plant, whom he visited on Thursday] you will have a problem. I say let’s be calm. We’ll see what the specialists say, judges, the other people who don’t have personal interests, who only wish for the justice in Romania to work and judges be protected. Let’s not be in the situation in which the presidency of the Supreme Court be schooled by some prosecutors. This thing is not possible! We each have our concerns and we each move forward with our concerns for Romania,” Dragnea stated on Thursday in Curtici.

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