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May 15, 2021

National Health Insurance House president Marian Burcea, detained alongside 13 others. HealthMin Bodog: During my term, zero tolerance for any suspicion of corruption

The president of the National Health Insurance House (CNAS) Marian Burcea was put under 24-hour arrest, alongside other 13 persons, by the anticorruption prosecutors in a criminal file on the medical services’ illegal expense accounts at the Bucharest Health Insurance House (CASMB), the National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA) informs in a release sent to AGERPRES on Friday.

The 14 persons were to be presented to the Bucharest Court of Appeal, for a preventive detention solution, adds the DNA release.

According to the source, the list of 14 includes: Marian Burcea, president of CNAS; Ovidiu Munteanu, manager of the Contractual Relations Directorate and since 13 July, president of CASMB; Ion-Razvan Geambasu, executive director of the CASMB and manager of the Chief Medical Officer Directorate of CASMB; Lucian-Vasile Bara, the CASMB president until 13 July; Ion-Ovidiu Mihaescu, manager of the CASMB Control Directorate; Alin-Sergiu Costache, head of the General Antifraud Monitoring Directorate of CNAS; Gabriela-Rodica Mocanu, Mina-Elena Petrescu, Jeana Sardare – employees with CASMB; Nicolae-Sergiu Ciobanu; Irina-Adelina Geambasu, associate and administrator of a commercial company; Razvan-Mihai Mischie, legal representative of a medical services’ provider; Maria Costica, a legal representative of a medical service provider, and lawyer Cristina Manta.

According to prosecutors, evidence is that due to the criminal activity of the aforementioned, the CASMB budget incurred losses of RON 13,189,553.76 (rd EUR 3 million).

Bottom line, the prosecutors say that from January 2016 to August 2017, an organised criminal group has been set up through which an amount of RON 13,189,553.76 has been embezzled from the CASMB by unlawful expense accounts of some fictitious home medical care services, including by false medical files with the implication of some employees with the CASMB, under the protection of certain persons in the institution’s steering staff, and also in the leadership of the CNAS.

The DNA prosecutors mention that others are also being prosecuted in this criminal file.


HealthMin Bodog: During my term, zero tolerance for any suspicion of corruption


Minister of Healthcare Florian Bodog said on Friday, in the context of an investigation conducted at the National Health Insurance House (CNAS) that during his term in office there will be “zero tolerance” for absolutely any suspicion of corruption.

“Mr [CNAS] Chairman Burcea was appointed at the proposal of the minister of healthcare by the prime minister, and he was dismissed from office today also at the proposal of the minister of healthcare. We proposed [CNAS] Deputy Chairman Vulcanescu to take over the duties of the chairman. I want to say that during my term in office there will be zero tolerance for absolutely any suspicion of corruption,” Bodog said at Parliament Palace.

He said he cannot provide more details as an investigation was underway by anti-corruption prosecutors.


Speaker Dragnea: Marian Burcea, not my nomination to CNAS; It doesn’t mean I have a bad opinion of him


Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies Liviu Dragnea said on Friday that he did not nominate Marian Burcea to head the National Health Insurance House (CNAS).

“I did not nominate Mr Burcea to CNAS, which does not mean that I had or I have a bad opinion of him, but if the investigators have reached such conclusion, they should follow the lead. There is no influence of mine over the nomination or appointment of Mr Burcea to head CNAS, but I do not want to comment more on what is in the case because I do not know. (…) If it is in the DNA report, let them investigate to see what it is,” Dragnea said at Parliament House.

Prime Minister Mihai Tudose’s decision to dismiss Marian Burcea from the position of member on the board of directors and chairman of the National Health Insurance House (CNAS) in the rank of state secretary was published on Friday in the Official Journal.

Under the same decision, Razvan Teohari Vulcanescu, deputy chairman of CNAS, will carry out the duties of the chairman until the appointment of the next head of the institution.

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