UK Embassy: Hopefully any amendments to judiciary have role to support Romania’s progress in anticorruption fight

The Embassy of the United Kingdom in Bucharest expresses hope that any modifications in the judiciary will have the role to support and develop the significant progress made by Romania in the past years in the fight against corruption.

Deciding on its own legislation is Romania’s responsibility, in accordance with its Constitution and the parliamentary procedures, reads a point of view of the said diplomatic mission, sent at the request of AGERPRES.

We do hope that any change to the judiciary has the role to promote the independence and the operational effectiveness of the judicial institutions and the rule of law, considering the recommendations of the Cooperation and Verification Mechanism (CVM) of the EU. Moreover, we hope that such amendments will include a broad consultation with all the parties relevant, the Embassy adds.

Hopefully, any amendments have the role to support and develop the important progress achieved by Romania in the last years in the fight against corruption and to strengthen the rule of law, through the accomplishments of bodies, such as the DNA, the UK Embassy in Bucharest furthers on.

The bill to amend the Justice laws was published on Wednesday on the website of the Ministry of Justice.

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