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August 8, 2022

ANM: Heavy rainfalls and storms alert in most of the country regions, until Monday evening

A meteorological warning of weather instability and abundant rains will come into force on Saturday, 6 pm, to be valid for most of the country regions, until Monday, at the same hour, according to the National Meteorological Administration (ANM).

The weather instability is expected to grow gradually in most of the areas, starting from the western region. There will also be frequent electric discharges, heavy rainfalls and hail on small areas and also wind strengthening that might turn into storm. The water quantities could exceed 20 l/sq m locally and even 30-40 l/sq m on small areas.

Such phenomena will first be recorded in the western region of the country, and from Sunday afternoon especially in the southern, central and north-eastern regions.

On Monday, September 4, it will rain especially in the northern part of Romania.

ANM informs that the weather will maintain warm in the southern and eastern regions, with maximum temperatures to reach 32-34 degrees, while in the rest of the country they are expected to gradually decrease. On Monday, the weather will turn cooler in most of the country regions .

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