Maior, on statements triggered by US Embassy’s reaction to Justice laws: Trenchant statements compromise dialogue

Romania’s Ambassador to the United States of America, George Maior, on Saturday stated that, with respect to Romanian politicians’ statements triggered by the US Embassy’s reaction to the proposals of modification of the Justice laws, “trenchant” statements compromise the dialogue between the two parties and it would be a “pity” to start a polemic.

“I believe it is important to have our own debates and I believe that nobody interferes in our own debates, if we are smart and analyse things from this perspective. (…) The entire world wants predictability, efficient legislation and solid states in terms of the manner in which they control the corruption phenomenon and I believe that it is in our interest to be such a state. I believe that only through dialogue we can make the American side or the Romanian side understand what are the implications and premises here. Trenchant statements can only compromise dialogue, regardless on what part they are made. They compromise this dialogue and we did huge progress in this respect. (…) It’s too bad that on a discourse level we start such polemics that do no good to anyone”, Maior told TVR 1 national broadcasting station.

The US Embassy showed its concern related to the proposals made by the Ministry of Justice on August 23 of modification of the judiciary system and urged all executive, legislative and judiciary actors involved in Romania to cooperate for continuing our country’s fight against corruption.

“The United States took knowledge with concern for the independence of the judiciary system about the proposals of the Ministry of Justice of August 23. We urge all executive, legislative and judiciary actors in Romania to cooperate, so as to continue this country’s fight to ensure the credibility of its institutions”, reads a release of the US Embassy on Tuesday remitted to AGERPRES.

PSD MP Liviu Plesoianu requested ”the expel’ of the US Ambassador to Bucharest, Hans Klemm, about whom he said got much too involved in the parliamentary and governmental activity of Romania.

“Given the repeated interferences in the internal affairs of my country, I ask for the immediate expel of Ambassador Hans Klemm. If we are indeed an independent and sovereign state, if we respect the Constitution and ourselves, we cannot tolerate the involvement of this Ambassador in the parliamentary and governmental activity of our country, in our internal politics as a whole. This is not Ambassador Hans Klemm’s business and no ambassador’s business of any ambassador, how we decide to build our own legislative framework”, wrote Plesoianu on his Facebook page.

Moreover, the deputy blames the US Ambassador not only for his stands regarding the justice system, but also for his participation in the anti-governmental protests.

On the other hand the PSD chairman, Liviu Dragnea, said he was concerned with the fact that “some ambassadors’ in Romania dare to forbid us including the right to debate on the justice laws.

“I too was concerned when I saw in the media and I wrote what happened yesterday at the CSM (Supreme Council of Magistrates). I too am concerned when I see some ambassadors to Romania daring to deny us the right to start a debate. They will deny us our right to think next”, said Dragnea.

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