PM Tudose meets IMF, World Bank officials at Gov’t House: I invited IMF to talks not for money, but to show them the figures

Prime Minister Mihai Tudose welcomed officials of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) at Victoria Palace on Tuesday, governmental sources told AGERPRES.

According to the sources, IMF is expected to draw a country report and the Romanian Executive asked the IMF officials “to make no mistake” when they make forecasts about Romania.

“A meeting with the IMF to give them access to the National Agency for Fiscal Administration (ANAF) databases, to see the figures. We helped the IMF because it has to draw a country report,” added the sources.

The same sources said the Romanian Executive would like the International Monetary Fund “to make no mistake,” given that “the IMF’s last two forecasts were wrong.”

Also attending the meeting with the IMF officials were Deputy Prime Minister Marcel Ciolacu and Minister of Public Finance Ionut Misa.

According to the sources, also welcomed at the Government House were World Bank officials, at a meeting where Health Minister Florian Bodog was also in attendance.

“This was a meeting with the World Bank to get technical expertise, technical support for hospitals, motorways, strategic investment,” the sources added.

The meetings took place as the Government is preparing for a budget revision due to take place on September 20, as Deputy Prime Minister Marcel Ciolacu has announced.

“By September 5, we will have the 2018 national budget projection; September 5-7 at the Government House, the PM team will start working with the Ministry of Finance’s team on both the budget and the revision. September 7-10, each minister will hold individual meetings with the finance minister and his team, so that we may set the figures and perform the revision around September 20,” Ciolacu said on August 25 at Neptun.

At the same time, the Executive is preparing the national budget bill to be submitted to Parliament in November.

“The national budgets bill will be drafted and submitted in time to Parliament in November so that the next year may start with an approved budget,” Prime Minister Mihai Tudose told a Prime Minister’s Questions convention in Parliament on Monday.


PM Tudose: I invited IMF to talks not for money, but to show them the figures


Prime Minister Mihai Tudose on Tuesday stated that he met the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank (WB) representatives to show them the figures for the year-end forecast and to receive technical support from them for the strategic projects of Romania.

“I had an important meeting today with the representatives of the World Bank and the IMF. With the World Bank I wanted to meet just to secure our cooperation, given that the team representing the Bank in Romania has changed. We have all of their support and I do not mean here financial support, but the technical support that we need for the strategic projects of Romania. Moreover, I invited the IMF representatives to talks not to ask them for money, but to discuss with them and with the Minister of Finance to go to the Ministry of Finance and see the figures, since in October they will prepare the year-end financial forecast for Romania. Given the fact that the last two forecasts were wrong, for Romania did not do as IMF said, but it did better, we want to make sure that there wouldn’t be a third mistake, which might lead to interpretations; therefore, we offered them our support to show them the official figures for Romania, so that they can rely on this figures,” the Prime Minister said at the Parliament Palace.

He specified that he did not make any reproaches to the IMF team, but only “drew their attention.”

“They are a huge organisation, after all, and people are paying attention to what the International Monetary Fund says. In fact, they got the previous two (forecasts – editor’s note) wrong. I did not accuse them of ill-will, I just kindly asked them to be more careful,” said Mihai Tudose.

The Prime Minister denied that the IMF people voiced any concerns related to the Romanian economy, budget deficit or wage law. “We didn’t discuss money at all, only those forecasts that I wish to come out accurate,” said the head of the Executive.

Asked what kind of rectification it is going to be, the Prime Minister said: “Not a negative one.”


Gov’t appreciates WB openness to supporting Romania’s priority areas – healthcare and infrastructure


The Government appreciates the World Bank’s openness to supporting priority areas for Romania – healthcare and infrastructure, Prime Minister Mihai Tudose states in a government release on Tuesday.

According to the release, Premier Mihai Tudose, Health Minister Florian Bodog and Public Finance Minister Ionut Misa on Tuesday had a working meeting at the Victoria Palace of Government with a delegation of the World Bank mission to Romania headed by country manager Tatiana Proskuryakova.

During the meeting the sides looked at the stage of the projects carried out by the government with the support of the World Bank, with focus on healthcare projects developed under the project for improving the quality and efficiency of the health care system approved for financing in 2014 and implemented by the Ministry of Health.

“Our having attracted in recent months funding under the WB project more than in its entire unfolding period shows our determination to improve conditions in hospitals and people’s access to better quality medical services,” Premier Tudose said.

At the same time, the head of the Executive said he wants to strengthen cooperation with the World Bank by jointly developing an infrastructure country project.

Health Minister Florian Bodog mentioned that 12 equipment supply and service procurement contracts worth approximately 12 million euros have been signed (the acquisition of 277 anaesthetic machines for 50 medical facilities as well as of medical equipment for emergency units and anaesthesia and intensive care units for 79 hospitals is a major accomplishment), the release said.

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