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December 6, 2021

PNL and USR lodge simple motion on justice called “PSD the master of justice?! Is that so…”

The Liberal deputies lodged on Tuesday the simple motion against the Justice Minister by which they say they want to warn about “the assault started against the independence of justice”, asking Tudorel Toader to disclose the hidden agenda on the amendments to the laws on justice, not to promote in the current form those bills and to delimit from the “toxic action” of the real moral authors of the amendments, namely the PSD-ALDE leaders.

The simple motion on justice was signed by 92 deputies from the National Liberal Party (PNL) and from the Save Romania Union (USR).

“Through this motion we draw attention that the old PSD habits, from Adrian Nastase and Rodica Stanoiu’s time are returning, which is harming Romania’s and people’s interests. We request you to drop the politicization of justice. Don’t be concerned only with criminals’ interests, the ones with problems, and if you are not capable to do it, at least the Justice Minister leave,” leader of the PNL floor group Raluca Turcanu announced in the plenary.

The documents refers to the PSD governments in the last 17 years, saying that the Social Democrats had the recurrent theme to subjugate the idea of the independent justice and to appoint prosecutors or judges in key positions, in order to make them answer “only at the precious indications of the state-party”.

The signatories of the motion remind of the Government’s Emergency ordinance (GEO) no.13, adopted by the Government early this year, and they say that only the prompt reaction from the beginning of February, of the civil society, of many institutions and professional or non-governmental organizations and of the parliamentary opposition, made this law to be immediately repealed.

PNL and USR also say that the appointment of Tudorel Toader as the Justice Minister, “one of the most qualified persons that have ever been placed on this position”, caused huge expectations, but they were gone “when the bill on amending the Laws on Justice was filed, demonstrating once again that the only interests that count to Mr. Tudorel Toader’s are those of Liviu Dragnea, and not those of the rule of law and of the Romanian society”.

“We are witnessing a continuation of the series «Black Tuesday» started in December, 2013, followed by the episode since February, 2017, and recently, by the one since August 23, 2017. Don’t you realize that everything is so far-fetched? We can see the precious indications coming from the party. Dear Minister, even if you are not a politician, your capacity as a law professional, your academic and professional dimension do not allow to mock the achievements obtained over the time in the Romanian judiciary” PNL and USR wrote.

They say that the amendments suggested “accidentally or not, on August 23” are an attack against the independence of justice and an attempt to annul all the progresses in this field which our country has recorded, starting with the reforms of the years 2004-2005.

“Ten years after Romania’s accession to the European Union, the PSD-ALDE coalition tries to throw us into the past and to bring justice back to the will of the political class, as it was in Rodica Stanoiu and Adrian Nastase Government’s time” states the motion.

“Wednesday, August 23, a day with a historical significance, will remain in the justice’s history as the day when the return of the weapons against Justice was announced!” also wrote the signatories of the document.

PNL and UR criticize that the opportunity occasioned by the objective need to amend the laws on judiciary, such as the regulations on the accession into the profession, on the organization of the professional preparation, on advancing in the magistrate career, on developing the whole career, on the judicial organization and on the accountability of the magistrates, was turned, “with no shame”, into a “political offensive caused by the desire to have the political control, at least in part, on the Romanian judiciary”.

“The political interferences, like those wanted by the political group that you represent, the interferences in the judiciary are unacceptable if they have the consequence of the control on the judiciary made by the executive power!” warn PNL and USR.

They claim that the whole impeccable academic and professional career of the Minister Tudorel Toader are used to legitimate PSD’s “acts that have not been done yet”.

PNL and USR punctually criticize a series of amendments proposed by the Justice Minster – the appointment of a second Vice President at the High Court, the appointment of the chief-prosecutors, the passing of the judicial Inspection under the authority of the Justice Ministry-, about which they say that they prove a lack of respect for the constitutional order and they breach the principle of separation and balance of the executive power and judiciary, inside the constitutional democracy.

“The Minister’s and PSD-ALDE’s priorities are: the POLITICAL control over the body of magistrates, through the Judicial Inspection, which will be part of the Justice ministry, the activity of the Inspection will be totally controlled, being regulated by the Minister’s Order, and the political control over the prosecution offices, so that the appointment proposals in the leading positions, namely the Prosecutor General and the heads of DNA and DIICOT, as well as their deputies, will be made by the Justice Minister” also wrote the deputies that signed the approach against the Justice Minister.

In the end, they asked Tudorel Toader to disclose the hidden agenda of the legislative initiative on amending the Laws on Justice, not to promote this bill in its current form, to delimit form the “toxic action” of the real moral authors of the approach, namely the PSD-ALDE leaders, and to “thwart their plan to defeat the Romanian judiciary”.

“Otherwise you will be their accomplice and you will be added to the gallery of the Justice Ministers in the PSD Governments that gave a heavy and painful slap to this system when they ruled its destiny. Don’t put “the red straps” on the judiciary, but help to its strengthening, not to its enslavement” concluded the PNL and USR deputies.

The Standing Bureau is to make a decision regarding the debate of the motion.



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