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February 1, 2023

PNL asks for the Education Minister Liviu Pop’s resignation, through a simple motion which is going to be lodged to the Senate

Liberals announced on Wednesday that they are asking for the Education Minister Liviu Pop’s resignation, through a simple motion on education which is going to be lodged to the Senate. Among the reasons for which it requests Minister Pop’s resignation, PNL refers to the lack of the manuals for the 5th grade, the lack of the operating licenses for a large number of schools and the high dropout rate.

PNL announced it gathered 34 signatures and it will lodge a simple motion on Education to the Senate, having the theme “A Romania without quality education is a poor Romania”.

The document has been signed by PNL and USR senators.

“There are a lot of reasons for which we are asking for Minister Liviu Pop’s resignation. Some of them are: the ridiculous situation regarding the 5th grade manuals, where we don’t have the mathematics or Romanian language manual, but we have a manual for physical education of more than 100 pages, we have old problems in the ministry related to the operating licenses, we have a total breach between the Education Ministry and what the business sector is asking. The market is asking for something, the school offers something else. There are a lot of problems. We have the highest dropout rate in Europe, one in five children doesn’t finish school (…) We have a totally chaotic government, also in the educational system. I hope the PSD colleagues in the Senate will consider their conscience and the citizens’ interest and will vote for Minister Liviu Pop’s resignation” stated PNL first Vice-Chairman Iulian Dumitrescu.

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