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December 2, 2021

Dragnea: My salary goes directly on the card; I am afraid to go with my “bag” full of money

The Speaker of the Deputies’ Chamber, PSD Chairman Liviu Dragnea stated on Thursday, when asked about PM Tudose’s refusal to receive his salary on the card, that his salary from the Parliament goes directly on the card, joking that he is afraid to go with “the bag full of money”.

Being asked to comment the fact that PM Mihai Tudose says he doesn’t trust the banks and he keeps his money in cash, and asked if he uses cards or he also prefers to receive cash, Dragnea answered: “My salary goes directly on the card from here, from the Parliament. And I’m afraid to go from here with the bag full of money, so it stays on the card.”

“What if the cashier gets angry and gives me only coins? I have to go with the bag…” Dragnea joked.

PM Mihai Tudose stated in August that he had a bad experience with the banks and that he refuses to receive his salary on the card, not to let the bank benefit from a fee with every withdrawal, Tudose stating that “it doesn’t deserve it”.

Asked why he doesn’t have a bank account, Mihai Tudose answered: “I refused to receive my salary on the card not to give to the bank two cents every time I use the card. I don’t want to give them to it. I appreciate it doesn’t deserve them.”

“Personally, I had bad experiences with the banks. I had a bank account for a small amount, USD 500, and after two years the bank called me on the phone to tell me not only that I don’t have any money, but I have to pay USD 50 in addition, because the fee for which they took care for the money, they guarded them, they accompanied them to the toilet at night or they gave them water to drink when they were thirsty, actually ate the fund and I have to bring some money from home. From this moment I said «Excuse me, but Terente was a kid compared to you! He was a really good boy»” Tudose said.

Later, PM Mihai Tudose mentioned that he doesn’t need a bank account for the PM salary, which fits into a thin envelope, besides money disappears quickly, because he’s married.

“I don’t have money into a bank account because I don’t have anything to deposit. That’s the money…” Mihai Tudose said.

Asked where he keeps his money, he indicated the pocket: “Right here! Do you really think that the Prime-Minister has such a big salary that he has to walk with two bags? I had bad news: it fits into a thin envelope.  (…) There’s something else, too. I’m also married, it disappears quickly” Tudose said.

Asked to mention if he has ever made online shopping or if he paid invoices electronically, PM answered no. “Each man has its own ways. If he wants to buy sausage online, he is free to buy it online. If he wants to buy it from the food store at the corner, it’s his business” commented the head of the Government.

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