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June 26, 2022

Speaker Dragnea on meeting with Ambassador Klemm: I told him justice laws are to be voted in Parliament

Speaker of the Deputies’ Chamber and Chairman of the Social Democratic Party (PSD) Liviu Dragnea stated on Friday that he told US Ambassador in Bucharest Hans Klemm during the discussions they carried out that the Justice laws will be voted in Parliament.

“I had a talk, a meeting, Mr Ambassador had requested this meeting for almost two weeks, now I could find room in the schedule and I welcomed him. We have talked about an event that is extremely important for Romania – the ‘Trade Wins’ economic forum, which I’ve talked about with him and a representative of some US companies in March. It was the first visit to Romania of a significant number of companies. There were some talks then about a roadmap that was handed to Sorin Grindeanu. (…) We’re in the home stretch, we’re on schedule with organising this event. I also talked about the famous intentions of amending the Justice laws,” Dragnea said in Bistrita.

He mentioned he told the US Ambassador that the Justice laws will be debated in Parliament, adding he endorses the proposals of Minister Tudorel Toader.

“I have told Mr Ambassador what I also said publicly (…) that the laws are to be voted in Parliament and we will look carefully at all arguments that have and will come out (…) and the debate will begin, which will end in Parliament and only there, with these bills, I also assured him that these laws won’t affect the good course of Justice. (…) I have seen the Magistrates Association’s and other specialists’ stand who are endorsing, to a large extent these proposals of Minister Toader which I also support. After seeing the proposals I am convinced that they will change the system for the better (…) and they will include magistrates’ accountability and increase the independence of judges and our feeling that they can judge without being influenced by anyone,” Dragnea stated.


The referendum amending the Constitution for the introduction of the traditional family notion will take place at the end of October, early November


Speaker of the Deputies’ Chamber and Chairman of the Social Democratic Party (PSD) Liviu Dragnea stated on Friday that the organisation of the referendum amending the Constitution for the introduction of the traditional family notion will take place at the end of October, early November.

He added that, following the referendum, he won’t have “many friends” in Europe, not even among the family of European Socialists, but he pointed out that for him this topic doesn’t represent a negotiation theme.

“Now, we are to schedule the final vote in the Senate for the law amending the Constitution, after which we will organise the referendum, I believe it will be at the end of October, early November. No later than that, because we want to be as many as possible present in that referendum, no matter how we will vote. I think it is a matter of great depth in the Romanian society. I won’t have many friends in Europe, not even in my party, the party of European Socialists, but for me this is not a negotiation. (…) Perhaps, at least here, we have the right to say our point of view, at least here, where it’s up to our belief, our life and the manner in which we want to manage them. Perhaps, at least here, we’ll be allowed,” Dragnea stated in Bistrita County.


“It doesn’t help us as a nation to have tense relations with Hungarian community of Romania”


Liviu Dragnea believes that having tense relations with the Hungarian community of Romania “does not help us as a nation.”

“I am discontent because children of the Romanian ethnics of Ukraine don’t have the right to learn in the mother tongue. Am we turn to Romania. Here, there are some people telling us to look the other way around. Meaning, we yell when rights are being taken from us, but here, with a lot of fuss, and some possible arrests we must take some rights. Whose [rights] ? [The rights] of some children?,” Dragnea stated in Bistrita.

The leader of the Social Democratic Party (PSD) underscored that he doesn’t agree with what has happened in Targu Mures over the last two years.

“The school inspector was arrested because he authorised, approved the establishment of a highschool after a decision of the local council. The Prefect who challenges every time the Local Council’s decisions. To whom is this scandal useful? To whom is useful the fact that hundreds of children, Romanian citizens, who have the same rights as we do, are in a very tense state, both them and their parents, being kicked out from a location where they have learned? I told the Prime Minister and the Education Minister – maybe a more courageous approach, perhaps not everyone is scared of prosecutors. (…) We are talking about the chance of Romania’s children to learn. (…) I want 2018 to be a peaceful year, not a year in which tensions and hatred are stirred and, thus, possibly have a very agitated year, when it should be a year with economic growth. (…) and let’s keep this island of stability which is Romania,” Dragnea stated.

He didn’t want to comment the reaction of Hungary’s Foreign Affairs Ministry.” I am turning to the essence of the problem – I do not think it helps us, as a nation, to have tense relations with the Hungarian community of Romania,” Liviu Dragnea mentioned.


“In respect to the Pension Pillar I and Pillar II we intend to give Romanians the opportunity to choose”


The Social Democrat leader  stated also on Friday in Bistrita-Nasaud County that his party and the Gov’t intend, in respect to the Pension Pillar I and Pillar II to give Romanians the opportunity to choose, based on an analysis which will be soon presented.

Dragnea stated that Prime Minister Mihai Tudose “did good” when he announced that Pillar II might become optional.

“He did good by stating that, this is what it should be done. Certainly, we have talked about this long ago. I understand that an analysis of the manner in which those institutions work will be completed soon – respectable institutions. (…) It’s an analysis which is to be presented publicly and each one of us will have the possibility to opt. (…) But, the fact that we intend to give Romanians once again the possibility to choose it seems like a good thing, beyond any other discussion, any other interests, I, as a party chairman, the entire party and the Government, we are interested in an essential aspect for the Romanian to have a better life, with all the risks involved,” Dragnea stated.

The PSD leader referred also to the 2.5 percent fee charged by the institutions administering the Pension Pillar II, which he believes should be removed.

“That 2.5 percent fee that they charge from our money was also discussed. I have learned that the initial agreement was that 2.5 percent be for the first year, for the establishment of the respective institutions. (…) Ten years have passed though and we believe that the 2.5 percent fee is pointless, because there are other fees that they charging for having private profit, but also for functioning,” Dragnea also stated.

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