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May 16, 2021

Basescu’s first reaction after the parliamentary committee decided that he defrauded the 2009 elections: They are ridiculous

Former President Traian Basescu says that the members of the parliamentary inquiry committee on the 2009 presidential elections are “ridiculous”, mentioning that PDL had a single person in polling stations, while six parties that were against his candidacy had their representatives, and asking how that single person in the committee could steal the ballot papers. This is Basescu’s first reaction after the preliminary report of the parliamentary Committee, according to which he and Emil Boc favored the election fraud.

Asked on Saturday, in Neptun, at the end of his speech held at the People’s Movement Party (PMP) Youth Summer School, about the report of the parliamentary committee on the 2009 presidential elections, Basescu said: “I think they are so ridiculous with these conclusions that they don’t deserve my reaction”.

He claimed that he knows very well that elections weren’t defrauded in his favor. “I know very well that they weren’t defrauded in my favor, and this is proven by the fact that while we, PDL, had a single person in the polling stations, they had representatives of six parties, all of them against my candidacy, Geoana’s supporters. How this man could steal the ballot papers?” Traian Basescu said.

The preliminary report of the Parliamentary Inquiry Committee on the 2009 Presidential Elections – published on Wednesday – shows that the President at that time, Traian Basescu, and the PD Government led by Emil Boc, favored the election fraud, since the difference between the candidates was so small that their actions influenced the outcome of the voting, and SRI and DNA favored the facts to be hidden. The Boc Government is accused, among other things, for convening a Government meeting in order to change some heads of the institutions “at night, like thieves”.


Basescu definitely rejects an alliance with Ponta’s political party


PMP Chairman Traian Basescu definitely excludes an alliance with Victor Ponta’s political party, mentioning that he couldn’t be a partner for PMP.

He was asked on Saturday, at the end of the speech held at the PMP Youth Summer School, if he intends to make an alliance with Victor Ponta’s new party. “With Ponta, with Ponta? Never! Remember how many times I accused him of being a liar, an irresponsible. Ponta cannot be a partner of PMP” Traian Basescu answered.

Asked about the relationship between the PMP MP Valeriu Steriu with Victor Ponta, Basescu answered: “This is different. They have been colleagues. I don’t tell to Mr. Steriu how to choose his friends”.

One week ago, the former PSD leader Victor Ponta announced a new political project together with Sorin Campeanu and Daniel Constantin, the founder of the Pro Romania party. Victor Ponta, who was PM and PSD Chairman, joined the Pro Romania party founded by Daniel Constantin, harshly attacking the current PSD leadership and Liviu Dragnea.



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