Minister-delegate Negrescu: Romanian citizens living in UK should maintain same rights after Brexit

Romania firmly supports the position according to which the European citizens living in the UK and, consequently, the Romanian citizens should maintain the same rights after Brexit, Minister-delegate for European Affairs Victor Negrescu said on Monday.

“Romania joins the other member states in having a common position, holding a dialogue and negotiating with the UK of a uniform manner, without alterations, without differences, but in supporting some common claims which are clear and precise. Obviously, we are talking in the public space in Romania of very many elements, and the element which is often underscored is the one related to the rights of the European citizens living in the UK. Romania is very clear in this respect, clearly stating that our country wants the European citizens living in the UK and, consequently, the Romanian citizens to maintain the same rights once the UK leaves the European Union. Therefore, in fact, we do not give up on this matter and we underscore that any negotiation must start from this premise that these rights will be preserved,” Negrescu said at the debate “Romania in the context of UK leaving the European Union,” organised by the Foreign Affairs Ministry (MAE).

He added that our country is taking into account as well the fact the the EU has to implement in the coming period a series of policies on a European level regarding the budget estimated in the beginning of the current multiannual financial framework.

According to Negrescu, Romania supports the negotiations in sequences, “the need to have a negotiation process in stages, transparent, with important evolutions.” “The EU decided in dialogue with the UK that we must discuss a series of first instance files and that we should see, by October, an important evolution in these files in order to move on to discuss other important topics. One of these first files deals with the topic of citizens’ rights. Romania believes we must clearly have important commitments assumed by the British side to go to the second stage,” Victor Negrescu underlined.

He pointed out that measures for Romania to be prepared for this moment must be identified.

MAE’s Brexit Office head Adina Badescu presented the document “Strategic axes of action of Romania’s Government in the context of the process of the UK pulling out of the European Union,” providing the major priorities of Romania in this process: the protection of the rights and interests of the Romanian citizens in the UK, safeguarding the financial provisions, mainly those referring to European funds, as well as the continuation of cooperation in the Defence and foreign affairs areas.

“Romania will be prepared, during the entire process of the UK leaving the EU, to inform, guide and support the citizens and companies in relation with the British authorities and the new conditions generated by Brexit,” Badescu said.

Finance Ministry Secretary of State Elena Georgescu maintained that one of the most important and sensitive problems of this process refers to the first stage of negotiations and is related to the rights of citizens and the finance-budget aspects.

The debate “Romania in the context of UK leaving the European Union,” was the first one on this topic, with more discussions to take place in the coming period, Minister-delegate for European Affairs Negrescu pointed out.

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