Republic of Indonesia-Celebrating Independence: Paying Tribute to A Nation’s History

On 11 September 2017, the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia is hosting a reception at its premises in order to celebrate the National Day of the Republic of Indonesia which is on the 17 August 2017.

This date marks the 72nd anniversary of the Proclamation of Independence of the Republic of Indonesia (Proklamasi Kemerdekaan Indonesia) in 1945. Known as Hari Merdeka, it celebrates the foundation of Indonesia as an independent nation.

The Proclamation of Indonesian Independence red by Soekarno on 17 August 1945, marked the beginning of the Indonesian people to start their journey as a nation. It took Indonesians more years of diplomacy to end the colonialism power and then appointed Soekarno as the first president of Indonesia.

In the recent period, having one of the most robust economical growths in the world, Indonesia has managed to counteract most of the effects of the global financial and economic crisis, the country ranks 15th and 16th in terms of surface area and nominal GDP respectively. Its active population is projected to 60% of the total population in the 2030s, and its middle class may double by 2020. Yet, the current number of Indonesian population is 264 million people, an equivalent of 3.51% of the total world population, ranking number 4 in the list of countries by population.

As part of its foreign policy implemented by the current President Joko Widodo, in order to maintain its reputation on the international scene, Indonesia – like all other countries of the world – includes in its priority areas of bilateral co-operation the following aspects: combating terrorism and separatism, democracy and human rights, education, trade, investment and the environment.

Putting specifically with Romania, the target is to further enhance and strengthen bilateral relations that had already existed between these two countries since the opening of the diplomatic relations which began with Romania’s recognition of independence of the Republic of Indonesia on 20 February 1950.

The common endeavors are also shown throughout bilateral meetings and consultations over the years as an opportunity for both sides to talk about each country’s priority and interest in coping bilateral issues as well as in establishing joint efforts in asserting global challenges. Tomorrow, on 12 September 2017, in Jakarta, Indonesian high ranking officials will meet their Romanian counterparts in the bi-annual consultation, to discuss future cooperation and collaboration on above-mentioned issues.

With such a great diplomatic history together, Indonesia and Romania celebrate every passing year a long-lasting friendship based on respect, collaboration, cooperation and combined efforts towards the achievement of common goals and new challenges in the worldwide context.

The diplomatic reception that is hosted today the tribute of the people working and living here for the glorious past of the Indonesian nation, representing also the last official reception hosted by H.E. Ambassador Diar Nurbintoro, who had finished his mission in Romania and will end his terms this coming November.

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