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The preselection of the 2017 Constantin Brancoveanu Awards: An event that gathered the elite from Cluj

A debate which aimed to be a preselection of the main scientific and cultural contributions of the period October, 2016 – September, 2017, was held on Friday, September 8, at the preamble of the 4th edition of the Constantin Brancoveanu Awards, at the Cluj-Napoca Art Museum (the Bánffy Palace).

In an informal ambiance, still with the specific elegance of a Palace, surrounded by history and art, famous names, specialists in the areas rewarded this year, have met to brought their suggestions to the attention of this edition’s jury. Categories like Literature, History, Film, Music, Theater, Architecture, Fine Arts and two new categories, Economy and medicine, have been reviewed and debated.

In the opening of the debate, Prof. Univ. Andrei Marga, Vice Chairman of the jury of this edition of the Awards, highlighted the importance of awarding these trophies: “This initiative has to be outlined also from the point of view of the whole awarding action. We have to salute the fact that the Alexandrion Foundation intended to commemorate Constantin Brancoveanu and his martyrdom by ‘promoting cultural, scientific, artistic and economic values’”.

The initiator of these awards, the founder of the Alexandrion Foundation, Mr. Nawaf Salameh, spoke for a few moments about the future of these awards: “We wished to do in the honor of the martyr voivode Brancoveanu what French people did with Napoleon. Our goal is that these awards will get a bigger and bigger international dimension. Thus, we exceed the country’s boundaries, and we will organize such events in UK, USA and Germany. We wish local cultural values and the story of the Brancoveanu family to reach abroad before the homonymous products”.

Vice President of the Alexandrion Foundation, Mr. Stelios Savva, completed the statement of the President Salameh and reiterated the importance of increasing Romania’s notoriety and the one of the cultural values abroad.

Remarkable personalities of the cultural and scientific environment from Cluj answered to the Alexandrion Fiiundation’s invitation, coming with suggestions from which the jury of the Awards can select the future winners. The list of those who have been proposed includes: Vasile Mitrea (Architecture), Eugen Uricaru (Literature), Carol Iancu (History), Sorin Liviu Damean (History), Emanuel Copilaș (History), Gheorghe Schwarz (Literature),  Oliviu Pascu (Medicine), Pompei Cocean (Historical Geography), Ion Coman (Medicine), Gheorghe Benga (Medicine), Mircea Muthu (Literary History), Florentin Mihaescu (Music),  Ileana Szenik (History), Alexandru Florin Platon  (History), Ion Muresan (Literature), Cristian Sabau (History), Adrian Popescu (Literature), Mircea Roman(Sculpture), Radu Afrim (Film), Vlad Rusu (Painting), Stefan Pop (Music) and others. Any proposal must be accompanied by a written motivation. Those who are proposed are included on the lists that will reach the jury’s table.

Proposals have also been made at the debate in Cluj in order to reward some valuable young people; these suggestions will be considered for the new edition of the Matei Brancoveanu Awards. The Matei Brancoveanu Awards, bearing the name of the ruler’s youngest son who was sacrificed for his faith together with his brothers, are designed to recognize and reward younger culture people who made a significant step in their career. The list of proposals is open. Each proposal must be accompanied by a written motivation.

The suggestions for the Constantin Brancoveanu Awards could be made also online in the past two months, on the website of the Cotidianul daily newspaper, a partner of the event. These suggestions will also be analyzed at the official meeting of the jury of the Awards; the event will take place in a restricted ambiance in mid-September.

Famous names such as the art criticist Aurelia Mocanu, film director Laurentiu Damian, writer Cezar Paul Badescu, writer Ileana Malancioiu, film criticist Margareta Nistor, musicologist Smaranda Oteanu-Bunea, the author Aura Christi, the Monitorul Oficial Publishing House and others, have brought to the public’s attention, for each section:

Fine Arts: Graphic designer Geta Bratescu, the couple of creators Viorica and Gheorghe Iacob from Bucharest, the 90 years old painter Dan Hatmanu, Ana Lupas from Cluj, Vladimir Zamfirescu, Mircia Dumitrescu, Horia Pastina, Napoleon Tiron, Cristian Paraschiv, the art criticist Doina Pauleanu, the art hobbyist Cornel Surlea.

Literature: Bogdan-Alexandru Stanescu, Lucian Dan Teodorovici, Virgil Nemoianu

Music: Daniela Caraman-Fotea, Prof. Univ. Dr. Grigore Constantinescu, Dan Grigore

Architecture: Dorin Stefan

Theater: Oana Pelea, Alexa Visarion, Victoria Cocias

Film: Calin Netzer, Marcel Iureș, Cristian Mungiu, Cristi Puiu, Dana Bunescu, Lucia Hossu Longin, Laurentiu Damian

History: Ioan-Aurel Pop, Razvan Theodorescu

Medicine: Victor Voicu, Leon Danaila

Economy: Ilie Serbanescu

“The general request is that the proposals have to be accompanied by a motivation, in each case, according to the tradition of the national awards. Proposals can also be sent at the e-mail address redactia@cotidianul.ro until September 13, this year. The awards will be granted, according to the Regulation, to the books written in the last year and to the personalities who have given works of national importance” reads a press release of the organizers.

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