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August 17, 2022

Orban: All of the PSD leaders’ lies visible on budget adjustment; it’s paradoxical for revenues to drop during a period of growth. Senate’s Budget Committee to hear FinMin on budget adjustment

National Liberal Party (PNL) Chairman Ludovic Orban criticised the draft budget adjustment that the Finance Ministry announced last week, stating that it reveals all of the PSD leaders’ lies and adding that he finds it paradoxical for budget revenues to drop during a period of economic growth that exceeded expectations.

“All of the PSD leaders’ lies have been seen during this adjustment. The budget adjustment is negative by RON 1.3 billion in what concerns revenues. It’s paradoxical that during a period in which economic growth is higher than forecast when the budget was drafted, state revenues dropped and the adjustment is, as we publicly announced, a negative adjustment. What has the Government done to hike its revenues? It looted all profitable state-owned companies, risking ruining them. The current Government has left all state-owned companies without investment money, without money for absolutely necessary maintenance works, for development, putting at risk the future of all these companies only to get hold of money to cover the budget shortfalls they caused with the reckless expenditures they included in this budget,” Ludovic Orban stated.

The PNL leader added that another one of PSD’s lies was that there was enough money for the payment of salaries.


Speaker Dragnea rejects Liberals’ criticism: Extra revenues to the budget – main reason of positive revision


Lower House Speaker Liviu Dragnea stated on Tuesday that the collection of extra budget revenues represents the main reason for the positive budget adjustment, adding that he rejects the Liberals’ criticism on this matter.

“The adjustment is positive, it’s made on sight. If some people have problems with arithmetic, that’s their problem, but on the substance there are many more … I didn’t understand very well: is the economic growth a mistake? The actual revenues that were collected reveal that, at this hour, there are extra revenues and this is the main reason for which a positive adjustment is made. In general, when there is extra money a positive adjustment is made. Rarely are there Governments where plus and plus result in minus, we’re not the case,” Dragnea stated when asked about the fact that the Liberals claim that the budget adjustment is negative.


Senate’s Budget Committee to hear FinMin on budget adjustment


Finance Minister Ionut Misa will be heard by the Senate’s Budget Committee in relation to the budget adjustment he proposed last week, but also to the public finances situation, PNL Senator Florin Citu announced on Tuesday.

“Today, within the Senate’s Budget, Finances, Banking and Capital Market Committee, I’ve demanded the hearing of Prime Minister Tudose regarding the contradictory information that appeared in the public space about the budget adjustment and the situation of public finances in 2017. The committee approved the hearing of Ionut Misa. This is good too. Ionut Misa is asked to present, in the following days, all data on which this adjustment is based. This way, any obscure points regarding this adjustment and the money that currently exists or doesn’t exist in the budget will disappear,” Florin Citu wrote on Facebook.


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