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May 9, 2021

Five more Romanians evacuated from hurricane Irma area, bringing total to 14

The task force with the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MAE) evacuated on Wednesday and Thursday five more Romanian nationals from the Hurricane Irma area, bringing the total number of Romanian evacuees to 14.

According to a press statement released by MAE on Thursday, in order to evacuate the five Romanians from the disaster zone, the task force together with the Portuguese partners took over a Romanian citizen from Guadeloupe, who will arrive in Lisbon on Thursday. A consular team of the Embassy of Romania in Lisbon is at the airport to provide consular assistance for repatriation.

A person left the Saint Martin with support from the Embassy of Romania in Bogota and the Colombian authorities, en route to Bogota. A consular team from the Romanian diplomatic mission in Bogota assisted the Romanian citizen on arrival in Columbia’s capital city.

Another Romanian citizen was safely evacuated to Guadeloupe on a military flight flown by France.

The members of the MAE task force, in coordination with Spanish officials, evacuated two Romanian citizens from Saint Martin to Madrid. A consular team of the Madrid diplomatic mission took over the two co-nationals and provided them with the necessary assistance to continue their journey to Romania.

“The MAE task force, through the embassies of Romania in Paris, The Hague and London, continues cooperative efforts while keeping permanent touch with the task forces of the three countries under which jurisdiction the main affected island territories are (Saint Martin, the British Virgin Islands). Communication with the Romanian citizens living in the disaster zone is difficult, due to malfunctioning telephone lines and Internet networks. Given the circumstances, the MAE task force leaders have appeared live on local radio station still in operation to provide information in Romanian, English and Spanish on the possibilities and coordinates of the evacuation actions. We want to use this opportunity to reiterate the recommendations of the MAE task force to the Romanian nationals in the affected area to follow the instructions of local authorities.”

The MAE task force is currently coordinating 13 diplomatic missions and consular offices (Washington, Ciudad de Mexico, Havana, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, Paris, the Hague, London, Bogota, Lisbon, Warsaw, Ankara) both in countries affected by the meteorological phenomena mentioned above, as well as in countries whose citizens are in the respective areas being extended assistance and evacuation services.

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