ICR London headquarters included in “Open House” Architecture Festival; Centenary RomanIA showcases Romanian folk costumes

The headquarters of the Romanian Cultural Institute (ICR) in London, alongside other public institutions and private residences will be included on Saturday and Sunday, on the list of buildings that can be visited within the “Open House” Architecture Festival, where a series of Romanian folk costumes can be admired by visitors thanks to the project called “RomaniIA Centenara” (Centenary RomanIA).

“Taking advantage of the extraordinary visibility that the festival offers, the ICR London has invited organisers of the “Centenary RomanIA” project to decorate the gorgeous interiors with some of the heritage costumes showcased at the initiative of Cristina Chiriac, who is the founder of the “Flori de ie” [Ie flowers; ie – Romanian Blouse] brand, together with photos of actress Laura Cosoi wearing a folk costume, taken by Emanuel Zainea. This way, besides the impressive architecture, hundreds of British stepping the door of ICR London will be provided with an initiation into an important component of Romanian traditions,” ICR London informs in a release sent to AGERPRES.

Just as in the previous editions, besides the guided touring, the the architectural-enthusiasts will be able to find out more about the pas of the building and its residents, including about several illustrious Romanian diplomats who worked here, from an exhibition specially created for this event by ICR London.

In her turn, Cristina Chiriac, photographer Emanuel Zainea and actor Kamil Lemieszewski will explain to those present the secrets of the Romanian folk costume, as well as its reverberations in the art of photography.

This is Romania’s 6th consecutive participation in this festival, which annually attracts hundreds of visitors.

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