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May 23, 2022

PNL loses Senator, Orban deems his resignation “an act of desertion”

PNL’s Vergil Chitac, Senator of Constanta, announced on Thursday that he resigns from the National Liberal Party (PNL) a year and a half after becoming its member, the main reason invoked being failure on the part of PNL’s Court of Arbitration to solve a challenge he had lodged against the way internal elections were organised within the Constanta branch back in March.

“Two months ago, Ludovic Orban assured me he’ll do anything to give me an answer, with celerity. For me, two months is not celerity,” he stated.

Vergil Chitac had lodged with the party’s Court of Arbitration a challenge against the way elections were organised for the leadership of the municipal party branch, elections that were held on March 31, and subsequently against their result, claiming that the elections were rigged by then-branch president Gheorghe Dragomir.

Likewise, the Senator says that another reason that prompted him to resign from the National Liberal Party was the fact that he allegedly found out that “the people in Constanta” were complaining to Bucharest about his activity.

“That because of me the party can’t do stuff. So I’ll give them free, unlimited political horizons, to exercise their political leadership and competence, if I’m standing in their way,” Vergil Chitac added.

Former rector of the ‘Mircea cel Batran’ Naval Academy of Constanta and retired rear admiral, Vergil Chitac entered politics in the spring of last year, joining the National Liberal Party and being immediately nominated its candidate for the Constanta City Hall. Back then, he was also appointed at the helm of PNL Constanta.


Orban on Vergil Chitac’s resignation: An act of desertion


PNL President Ludovic Orban stated on Thursday that Senator Vergil Chitac’s resignation from PNL represents “an act of desertion” toward the citizens of Constanta that trusted him and tasked him with representing them in the Senate.

“I didn’t expect a man with military training, who is a rear admiral, to flee the battlefield now when the hardest battle is starting against PSD and their lackeys. I don’t know any reason (for the resignation – editor’s note). I had a talk with the Senator, we were due to meet, I’ve heard about this move just like you have,” Orban said.

“He has behind him the confidence conferred by citizens both in the elections for the Constanta City Hall, when he was PNL’s candidate and was just short of becoming mayor. Likewise, now, as Senator, he was invested with the vote of the Romanian citizens from Constanta, who gave him their confidence in completing a mandate as Senator, representing them in the Romanian Parliament. It’s an act of desertion toward these people who trusted him and voted for him as PNL Senator,” Orban added.

Asked what is going on at PNL Constanta, considering that, apart from Chitac, Puiu Hasotti has also recently left PNL, Orban pointed out that he will hold talks with the leadership of this party branch.

“What’s interesting is that it took place during the summer. The holiday season probably had consequences and generated various mutations. (…) I’ll hold talks with the leadership of PNL Constanta and we’ll see exactly what this is about, but I don’t think one should scold those who work, who are part of the party’s apparatus, on account of some who leave the battlefield,” Orban said.


PNL files constitutional challenge to bill amending Referendum Law


National Liberal Party (PNL) Senator Iulia Scantei announced in a press conference on Thursday that PNL and Save Romania Union (USR) Senators have lodged with the Constitutional Court a challenge to the bill amending the Referendum Law, considering that “PSD-ALDE’s amendments break the Constitution and compromise the chances of organising any process of consulting the population.”

“With this overture, PNL does not block the holding of any referendum at national level. PNL did not challenge law no.3/2000 in its current form, which allows the holding of any referendum, we challenged the bill modifying this law, a bill that eliminates Parliament, the CCR and the President from the legal and constitutional procedure of establishing the object and the date of the referendum,” Iulia Scantei explained.

According to the PNL Senator, the Liberals challenged PSD-ALDE’s amendments to the Referendum Law because they break the Constitution and compromise the chances of holding any referendum.

Early this month, the Lower House adopted the bill amending and supplementing law no.3/2000 on the organising of referendums, which stipulates that the referendum on amending the Constitution must be held on the last Sunday of the 30-day period elapsing after Parliament adopts the constitutional amendment bill. The law also stipulates the way in which a constitutional amendment bill goes through the two Houses.

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