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January 18, 2022

USR Senator Mihai Gotiu will file a criminal complaint against sociologist Mirel Palada after he was hit with the fists in a TV studio: “I’m not the one to whom he should apologize, but Romanians are, he worked for public money”

The Save Romania Union (USR) Senator Mihai Gotiu stated on Thursday that Mirel Palada didn’t call by phone him to apologize for the incident occurred on Wednesday evening, pointing out that he worked for public money as long as he was the spokesman of the Government, and he should apologize to Romanian people. Gotiu stated he will file a criminal complaint against sociologist Mirel Palada on Thursday or Friday, mentioning that the first investigations made at the Forensic Medical Institute (IML) indicate he was aggressed by the former spokesman of the Victor Ponta Government.

On Wednesday evening, Mihai Gotiu was hit by Mirel Palada at a TV studio during the advertising break, the parliamentarian claims.

The presenter of the Talk B1 show, Nadia Ciurlin, announced on Wednesday evening that sociologist Mirel Palada physically assaulted Senator Mihai Gotiu (USR) during an advertising break.

 “Unfortunately during the advertising break, an extremely unpleasant event occurred. Mr. Mirel Palada physically assaulted Mr. Mihai Gotiu. We are very sorry for this event. Unfortunately, both of them had to leave the studio” Nadina Ciurlin said when the TV show was resumed.

“Next step is filing the criminal complaint. (…) Probably next week, I will also get the forensic medical certificate, it will be issued and I will go further. I believe even in this case, Justice has to follow its path, people need to gain trust in Justice, and I believe this is a case of publicity, so I won’t do anything else but what I did when I became a Parliament member. I don’t know if I can go today, I have to see what the proceedings are exactly, what is the competent department, the one from the place of aggression, but since I am not from Bucharest, I don’t know which one it is. Depending on the today agenda, I will file the complaint today or tomorrow, I will let you know” Mihai Gotiu stated on Thursday evening when exiting the Forensic Medical Institute “Mina Minovici”, according to Agerpres.

Asked what the investigations made at the Forensic Medical Institute “Mina Minovici” indicate, Gotiu said: “The investigations established that the aggression occurred, there are lesions on the lip and the leg, it’s not something serious, but they prove the aggression”.

The USR Senator talked about how the incident on Wednesday evening happened in the B1Tv studio.

“It happened during the advertising break. (…) In the first part (of the talk-show moderated by Nadina Cuiurlin – e.n.), we had several controversial, tensed discussions, but not much above the average of other TV shows at which I attended, but Mr. Palada was constantly intervening over what I had to say when I was asked. I asked him to let me finish what I have to say, and the third or the fourth time when he intervened over me, I said that one of the reasons for which I came into politics is that I had enough of such boor politicians who don’t let you speak (…) During the break, he told me not to dare to make him boor, although I was referring to his behavior, not to him as a person. I don’t remember exactly his wards, something like I will see after the show, or something like this. I said: well, if you’ll continue to interrupt me and won’t let me speak, I will say that this is a boor behavior, this is the definition in the dictionary. (…) He stood up, he hit me with his fist in the mouth, those in the studio, the cameramen, the guardians intervened, took him out, they took him away, out of the studio” Gotiu stated. “I felt PSD’s total decline when he hit me” commented the USR Senator.

Gotiu sad that he didn’t talk to Palada later.

“I don’t see what I could talk to him. He has to give some explanations to the Romanian people, because he was one of those who provided the interface of the Government with people, he was paid from public money, in a period in which maybe journalists thought he is joking when he was sending threats against them on Facebook and so on. It seems like he wasn’t joking at all, he is a person willing to perform his political activity with his fist. This is politics in Romania. Unfortunately, what hurts me the most is not Mirel Palada’s gesture, but the confession made last night by the doctor on duty, when I was as the Emergency Hospital, who told me that he is seriously thinking to leave Romania. This is what hurts me, not that I was hit, but the situation in which Romania was brought by the local political class” Gotiu said.

The USR Senator added that, “fortunately”, during the last night he received “incredible reactions from his fellows, his friends, through text messages, on Facebook, on Whatsapp”

He mentioned he will not withdraw his criminal complaint if Palada will apologize. “No, I will not withdraw this criminal complaint, because, I say it again, the offense is not against me, it’s against Romanian people, he had a public position”.

“I should notice that a massive request to withdraw my complaint is coming from the Romanian people, and maybe then I will do it. But right now, I believe people want to see that law applies in Romania” Gotiu stated.

“I am not the one to whom he should apologize, he should apologize to all the Romanian people, because his behavior is offensive not against me, but against Romanians. He was the Government’s spokesman, he worked for public money, and I don’t believe this is how Romanians are represented and this is the behavior of a person who represents Romanians in a public position” stated the USR Senator Mihai Gotiu, who previously said for Mediafax that Mirel Palada didn’t apologize after the incident.

Gotiu appreciated the position expressed on Facebook by the former President Traian Basescu, who decided not to participate in the TV shows of the TV channels who invite Mirel Palada.

“As a former journalist, I believe his decision not to go to TV shows where Mr. Palada will continue to be invited is a good idea, in order not to promote such persons in the Media, especially on the TV channels” Gotiu concluded.

Former President Traian Basescu labeled sociologist Mirel Palada on Wednesday evening as “a person with a boorish hooligan behavior” after he physically aggressed the USR Senator Mihai Gotiu during the advertising break of a show broadcasted by B1Tv channel.

“A person with a boorish hooligan behavior named Mirel Palada, thought to cover his intellectual disability in the debate with Senator Mihai Gotiu, hitting him with his fists and his legs during the break of the TV show moderated by Nadina Ciurlin, a presenter of the B1 Tv channel. I will not participate anymore in any show of a TV channel which, from this moment, will invite Mirel Palada in his studios” Basescu wrote on his Facebook account.


Orban: I am strongly asking for the punishment of the “political hooligan” Mirel Palada


On Thursday, National Liberal Party (PNL) Chairman Ludovic Orban also labeled sociologist Mirel Palada as a “political hooligan”, after he physically aggressed the USR Senator Mihai Gotiu during the advertising break of a TV show broadcasted by the B1Tv television channel, asking for Palada’s punishment for this “crime”.

“I am strongly asking for the punishment of the political hooligan, namely the former spokesman of the PSD Government, for the crime he committed” Orban stated in a press conference.

“I asked myself for a long time when will PSD start beating people. Well, the former spokesman of the PSD-Ponta Government, a person who is permanently sent in the front of the people and who supports the aberrant ideas of the government party, began to hit people” Orban stated.

He mentioned that PSD gains in the political culture elements belonging to the nature of a totalitarian party.

“Threatening, intimidating, aggressing, speaking brutally, having a permanent hostile behavior, intimidating the opposition, all of these have become the party policy for PSD” Orban said.

He asked himself rhetorically why the PSD Chairman Liviu Dragnea hasn’t offered a political position related to the “boorish behavior and physical brutality committed by one of their toadies against a representative of the opposition”.

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