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May 26, 2022

European Commissioner Julian King in Bucharest: All of the countries would benefit if Romania was part of Schengen

European Commissioner for the Security Union Julian King, after a meeting with Justice Minister Tudorel Toader on Monday, said that all countries would benefit if Romania was a full part of Schengen.

“As President Juncker has said again, in his state of the Union speech last week, as far as the Commission is concerned, we believe that Schengen would be stronger and all of the countries would benefit if Romania was a full part of Schengen,” said Julian King when asked if Romania was ready to join the free movement space.

He added he did not discuss Romania’s accession to Schengen with Tudorel Toader, nonetheless this topic would be approached during the meeting with Interior Minister Carmen Dan.

The European Commissioner pointed out that getting the cooperation right among EU member states in combating terrorism is very important, recalling that Romania has not suffered a direct terrorist attack, but Romanian citizens have been caught up in attacks elsewhere.

“We discussed the importance of the work we do together across Europe to combat terrorism, cyber, serious and organised crime. On these matters, it is the member states, the member states’ authorities that were in the front line, but at a European level, there is more that we can and should do to help and reinforce the efforts of the member states and national authorities to tackle these difficult challenges. Romania hasn’t suffered a direct terrorist attack, but, of course, Romanian citizens have been caught up in attacks elsewhere. These challenges affect us all. Which is why getting our cooperation right is so important. I discussed a series of practical issues that are on the agenda of the European Justice and Home Affairs Council for the months ahead and underlined how important we think it is that all of the member states are actively engaged in those discussions,” King said after the meeting with Toader.

European Commissioner for the Security Union Julian King is paying an official visit to Romania on Monday, where he has scheduled meetings with PM Mihai Tudose, Justice Minister Tudorel Toader and Interior Minister Carmen Dan. Moreover, he is going to participate, together with members of Parliament’s special committees, in a debate on the Security Union.

According to a briefing sent by the European Commission, Commissioner Julian King will also pay a visit to the Operational Centre of Border Police Coordination.

The topics to be approached by the European dignitary with the Romanian officials refer to the exhaustive evaluation of the EU’s security policies, the fight against terrorism and implementing the recently-adopted legislation in this area, the fight against radicalisation and protecting public spaces, as well as inter-operability and intelligence exchange, the European Commission pointed out.


JusMin Toader reiterates Romanian Government’s firm commitment to observe legislative and practical exigencies agreed by the EU


“The working visit at the Justice Ministry is part of the meetings that the European commissioner will have, on September 18-19, with Romanian high-level officials as part of the proceedings of the Cooperation and Verification Mechanism,” a Justice Ministry communique points out.

“The talks centred on aspects concerning the consolidation of relations of cooperation and of practical-level measures in the field of preventing and fighting terrorism, preventing radicalisation, including online radicalisation, combating cybercrime and organised crime.

“The Justice Minister underscored the Romanian Government’s firm commitment to observe legislative and practical exigencies, as well as to rigorously fulfil the obligations deriving from the measures agreed at EU level,” the document reads.

According to the same source, the European commissioner underscored the good relations of cooperation with Romania and the efficient measures taken by Romania in the context of preventing and fighting terrorism and cybercrime. Moreover, Julian King expressed his full availability to support Romanian authorities in view of Romania’s take-over of the rotational presidency of the EU Council in the first half of 2019.


King: Cooperation among EU member states, mandatory to fight terrorist, cyber attacks’ threats


“The threats of terrorism, cyber attacks and organised crime do affect all the European countries”, said on Monday the European Commissioner for Security Union, Julian King on Monday at the beginning of a meeting with representatives of the Senate and Chamber of Deputies’ joint parliamentary committees for European affairs and defence, public order and national security, adding that cooperation among the member states to combat these threats is important.

“I believe that these threats of terrorism, cyber attacks and organised crime do affect us all and this is why it is utmost that we work together”, Julian King said, mentioning that Romania was not a direct target of the terrorist attacks, and yet there are Romanian citizens who have been caught in the attacks that occurred in other European countries.

King said that the efforts so far to counteract terrorism, cyber terrorism and the organised crime are the responsibility of the national states, but at European level much more could be done to support these efforts by the national states.


Julian King, impressed with Romanian Border Police’s activity: cyber security must be strengthened


European Commissioner for Security Union Julian King said on Monday he was impressed with the efforts of the Romanian Border Police to defend borders, and mentioned that cyber security must be strengthened.

I would like to tell you that I have been very impressed with what I saw, because in the morning I had a meeting with the representatives of the Border Police who are doing an excellent job, not only in terms of strengthening security at Romania’s borders, but also in terms of cooperating with other member states for defending the borders of the member states, Julian King told a press conference, organized after the meeting with representatives of the joint parliamentary committees of the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies for European affairs and for defence, public order and national security.

He mentioned that “progress has already been recorded in terms of defending the EU’s external borders and in exchanging information, but much more can be done.”

“I mention the need to strengthen cyber security. At the end of the week, a package of measures at the European Commission’s level will be presented in this respect to increase our resistance, our deterrence capacities, and this can only be done through concerted cooperation efforts, because we have to deal with the consequences, for example, of a terrorist attack together. We have to take a very serious attitude concerning the measures we adopt both online as well as offline”, the European commissioner pointed out.

According to him, one of the elements proposed will be strengthening international cooperation on cyber security.

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