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May 17, 2022

Parliament to adopt declaration on minorities’ situation in Ukraine

Parliament’s plenary session will adopt a declaration regarding the minorities’ situation in Ukraine, a declaration that was initiated by the parliamentary committees and completed on Monday, during a meeting of the Deputies Chamber’s Committee on Foreign Affairs.

“The committees’ stand with regard to the joint declaration on the Education Law in Ukraine, namely the amendment of the law, is unanimous and more specifically that we hold our ground in the sense that the international conventions and legal framework referring to the rights of the national minorities must be observed, with particular importance granted to the right to study in one’s native language. We address this statement, this appeal, both to the President of Ukraine and the Verkhovna Rada to amend the law, if necessary, and to the President to resubmit it to Parliament for amendment. We request our presidential institution and the Government to use all possible diplomatic means to influence the qualified institutions in Ukraine not to hinder the right of the national minorities to use and learn in their mother tongue,” Chair of the Committee on Foreign Affairs Rozalia Biro stated.

She added that this statement also includes a Parliament’s proposal to set up a Romanian delegation that will initiate a dialogue with all the relevant authorities that can contribute to the amendment of the law.

“It is essential that we use all possible communication lines, of dialogue, between the two countries and the two countries’ institutions. We believe the demarches of Parliament, of the Government, of the presidential institution will be sufficiently well assessed by the Ukrainian side so that the law sent by Parliament to the President is not signed,” Rozalia Biro said.


Romanian organizations protest ‘vehemently’ against Ukraine’s decision to close down Romanian schools


The member organizations of the National Coalition for Modernization of Romania (CNMR) have protested on Monday against Ukraine’s decision to “close down” Romanian schools, announcing at the same time that they will file a protest letter to Ukraine’s Embassy in Bucharest.

The CNMR condemns, in a press release, Kyiv’s decision to close down the Romanian schools and argues that this initiative “contravenes” the Basic Treaty signed in 1997 between Romania and Ukraine on neighborliness and cooperation relations.

“The Kyiv Parliament has adopted a new law on education that deprives ethnic minorities (Romanians, Hungarians, Russians, Bulgarians, Polish, etc.) of access to schooling in their mother tongue. The law stipulates that only Ukrainian must be taught in high schools and faculties and the education in the minorities’ languages be only available in kindergartens and primary schools. The law has been sent for promulgation to the President of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko. The denationalization of some 500,000 Romanians living in Ukraine still needs only the signature of President Petro Poroshenko and thus the last 60 schools with Romanian language teaching will be closed down and subjected to the Ukrainian teaching system. The attitude of the Ukrainian neighbours was one of total indifference and left the entire Romanian community in the territory of Ukraine with nothing left to do about it, which has sparked a series of protests in both states, protests that will not stop until this situation is clarified and Romania receives the rights for its minorities back,” reads the press release.

The CNMR adds that it has been totally on the Ukrainian state’s side and has reacted to all “abuses and injustices committed by the invasion of the Russian Federation.”

“If this law is promulgated, the CNMR will consider that Ukraine is taking many steps back from the Western road and this will generate, at least at the CNMR level equal treatment measures. We demand that CNMR members hosting educational institutions to respond, to the extent it will be necessary, in the same manner towards the Ukrainian minority,” the CNMR has added.

The organization is demanding that Ukraine’s president have “the wisdom to follow the Western path” and that the Romanian leadership and the Romanian foreign minister give a firm answer on the position and the measures to be taken to stop this demarche.

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