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June 25, 2022

PNL deputy Florin Roman, on hunger strike, protests lack of financing for Great Union Monument

National Liberal Party deputy Florin Roman has gone on hunger strike on Monday in the P1 hallway of the Parliament Palace, as a sign of protest against the lack of financing for the Great Union Monument in Alba-Iulia.

“Let us go back a little in history and recall that 100 years ago Romanians were dying at Marasti, Marastesti and Oituz, as many as the grasses of the prairie, and were paving the way for what we, as Romanians, have always wanted – a Greater Romania. Back then, a government in power, responsible, had the wits to bring together the Romanian provinces so that Greater Romania was born and we practically got new territories. Today, unfortunately, we face a government that risks bringing ridicule on everything those responsible government members did 100 years ago. The reason I am going on hunger strike is that I have requested the State’s support for the financing of the Great Union Monument, which is not a stone, as some call it, it is a monument dedicated to the Romanians who died on the front so that we can live today in a modern national state. At the time I had to go on this extreme protest form, after nine months of deaf dialogue with the representatives of the state power, we don’t have a budget for the Centenary, nor event calendars or a vision. Although I am the vicepresident of the Centenary Committee and I have submitted several requests, the Culture Minister refuses to put at our disposal these projects,” Roman said at Parliament Palace.

“We don’t have the slightest idea what the Centenary means, in exchange, before the Centenary year, we dynamite Romania, we come in Parliament with a bill amending the local public administration law which (…) does not provide for the Centenary, but we legalise the Hungarian language as official, the Szekler flags, the bilingual signs, one year before the Centenary. Who wants to blow up Romania? Who wants to irk the population who is peacefully living together (…) there is currently absolutely no problem between Hungarians and Romanians, but there will be a problem if they carry on with this project. It is not normal to grant privileges to the Hungarian Democratic Union of Romania (UDMR) leaders, on the eve of the Centenary, just because you want to endlessly hold on to power, to have parliamentary support and to that end, to be capable to sell whole pieces of Romania,” the Liberal deputy said.


Florin Roman ends hunger strike after less than three hours: Funds for Union Monument have been allocated


Later in the day, PNL’s Lower House member Florin Roman announced on Facebook he has suspended his hunger strike after just three hours, because, as a result of talks he had with Liviu Dragnea and Ludovic Orban, he realised the funds needed to build the Union Monument in Alba Iulia have been allocated and PSD will not endorse the bill on the use of maternal language in public institutions. The bill would have made the use of maternal language in public institutions possible in localities where ethnic minorities represent at least 10 percent of the population, down from the 20 percent threshold currently stipulated by law.

“Following my talks with Mr Liviu Dragnea and PNL President Ludovic Orban, I hereby inform you the following: 18.8 million lei have been allocated today – not next year – to the Culture Ministry, for the construction of the Union Monument; Mr Dragnea has guaranteed that PSD does not endorse the bill featuring the 10 percent threshold requested by UDMR. I’ll suspend the hunger strike, since PSD reacted at the last moment on both topics invoked by me. We managed to stop a useless and provocative stipulation in the public administration law, in 2017, when Romanians and Hungarians are getting along the best way they ever did. We managed to obtain, at the same time, the money for the centenary in Alba Iulia,” Florin Roman wrote on Facebook.

He claimed that if he notices that PSD lied today he would be the first to announce it and would resume his protest.



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