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September 19, 2021

Premier postpones Gov’t meeting for Thursday to release funds for areas affected by storm

On Tuesday, at the end of the Civil Contingencies Committee meeting in Timisoara, Premier Mihai Tudose announced that the Government meeting will be postponed for Thursday, to prepare all documents needed to release funds for the support of areas affected by the storm. During the meeting, the Premier was presented with two different cost appraisals of the necessary repair works on Timis County schools. The first, proposed by the Timisoara City Hall, totals RON 20 million, while the sum requested by the School Inspectorate totals RON 2 million.

During the Civil Contingencies Committee meeting, which took place on Tuesday at the Timis County Prefecture and which Premier Mihai Tudose attended, the Timisoara City Hall presented an appraisal of the damage that Sunday’s storm caused to the city’s schools, the estimated damage totalling approximately RON 20 million.

The Timis County Schools Inspectorate presented an appraisal too, the sum it requested for repair works totalling RON 2 million.

The Premier accepted the appraisal presented by the Timis County School Inspectorate, featuring the lower sum, and Timisoara Mayor Nicolae Robu took the commitment to re-appraise the damage.

“The meeting was brief, we discussed the governmental support for the removal of the consequences of Sunday’s storm. Everything was limited to schools and hospitals now. A first round of objectives, and of course any sum is welcome. At the vote, I abstained when it came to schools because there is a fairly large discrepancy between the sums that the City Hall’s Office for Schools and Hospitals deemed necessary and the sums requested by the County School Inspectorate. We’re taking about a difference between estimates, but even at estimative level it’s not all right for there to be such large discrepancies. Consequently, I’d like to carry out another verification at the City Hall; of course, it is forbidden, it’s a criminal offence to ask for funds now to carry out interventions or repairs other than on what was damaged in the storm. Everyone knows that. And, even though everyone says they know, we’re talking about large discrepancies value-wise. We’re talking about roughly 2 million or roughly 20 million lei. Eventually, it was approved; I talked with the Prime Minister, the lower sum has been approved now, with the financing of the higher-value interventions set to be analysed at a subsequent stage too,” Nicolae Robu stated at the end of the Civil Contingencies Committee meeting that was also attended by the Prime Minister.

Premier Mihai Tudose announced that he postponed the Government meeting in order to collect all permits needed to release the funds.

“I postponed tomorrow’s (Wednesday’s – editor’s note) Government meeting for the day after tomorrow (Thursday – editor’s note), for us to have all the permits from a legal standpoint. Once again, I congratulate the officials, the entire Civil Contingencies Committee. I informed the mayor too that there are still some problems in the municipality, at some schools where the roof was blown away and the basement was flooded. I’ve seen an extraordinary educational unit – the Loga College. We are trying to extend a hand, as much as we can, to what the damage means not just in Timis but in the whole affected area. Likewise, I hope the activity of Enel – which, instead of dealing with what it should do, I now see it has started a very active PR campaign about how good and nice they are – will also conclude. They are good and nice on the internet, but when it comes to bills… I have a dossier the prefect has given me. There are schools from Timis too. I have an official list. The mayor abstained, claiming the order is erroneous, it should have an extra zero. For the time being, these are the documents. In two days’ time, we’ll have the Government Decision and we’ll release the money,” Tudose stated.

Timis County’s Chief School Inspector Aura Danilescu explained how the RON 2 million sum requested for the repair of schools damaged by the storm was calculated.

“During the evening and the night, as a result of the Civil Contingencies Committee, I contacted the principals, I asked them to run an assessment of the damage, with the observation that we only estimate what happened during the storm. My colleagues went to the schools, each of them called up a specialist or person with which the City Hall has a contract, so that they could confirm those sums. By midnight they issued a report with the estimated costs. The County Schools Inspectorate sent this report to the Civil Contingencies Committee. We’re talking about a sum of over one million lei just for the schools in Timis County. (…) It’s very good to be very careful, through a government decision we can repair only strictly what was damaged during the storm of September 17, and nothing else. Why this discrepancy? I couldn’t say at this moment. The mayor will run a reverification,” Aura Danielescu stated.

According to Aura Danielescu, the sum of one million lei is needed for the repair of schools in Timis County, an identical sum being needed to repair schools in Timisoara.

Mihai Tudose: 48 hours later, localities, schools, clinics still lack electricity. This is unacceptable

At the start of the Civil Contingencies Committee meeting on Tuesday, Premier Mihai Tudose criticised the slow work carried out by E-Distributie Banat (Enel), stating that it is unacceptable for whole localities and 30,000 homes to still lack electricity 48 hours after the storm.

“We monitored Enel’s effort. The effort has started to be of two types: it has started to be very active online, and the effort to restore the electricity grid. In what concerns the effort to bring the electricity grid online, localities, schools, clinics still lack electricity 48 hours [later]. This is unacceptable. If the law permits this, I assure you it won’t work like this and then maybe we’ll find a possibility so that next time this happens we won’t wait 48 hours for a company unable to handle it. Another 30,000 homes were affected at 7 a.m. this morning,” the Prime Minister stated.


Enel: Power supply restored for approximately 80pct of consumers in counties struck by storm


The power supply was restored for approximately 80 percent of the consumers who were affected by the storm on Sunday in Timis, Caras-Severin, Hunedoara and Arad counties. More than one hundred intervention teams are currently operating in the field.

“E-Distributie Banat has restored energy to almost 81 percent of the customers whose power supply was affected by the storm. Following the efforts carried out by E-Distributie Banat teams and contractors, including during the night, the electricity supply was restored for an estimated 182,000 customers. 107 teams, of which 82 belonging to E-Distributie Banat and 25 to contractors, are currently working. Their priority is to work on the high and medium voltage lines that power many customers, with an emphasis on repairing the broken concrete poles and the metal towers that were bent, especially in Timis county, but also in Caras-Severin, Hunedoara and Arad counties,” a release of Enel Romania Press Office on Tuesday revealed.

26 E-Distributie Muntenia and E-Distributie Dobrogea teams were sent to support the efforts to restore power supply in the areas struck by storm, which were in E-Distributie Banat’s area of responsibility.

The power supply operator is further working in line with level two contingency procedures.

“We are cooperating with authorities that have authorisation in contingency situations and which supported the intervention of E-Distributie Banat teams, for instance, by clearing the roads. It is worth mentioning that exceptional, extreme weather conditions occurred in the region, whose violence has affected the functioning of electricity grids, as a result of powerful wind gusts that reached speeds of over 100 km per hour. 13 high-voltage towers, over 30 medium-voltage towers and countless conductors are just some of the infrastructure damaged by extreme weather in the Banat area,” the release mentioned.

Approximately 230,000 consumers from the four counties were affected by the storm on Sunday.


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