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May 22, 2022

Code Orange for rainfalls, atmospheric instability in 5 counties; Code Yellow for storms in remaining areas. Wind forecast to blow at over 50 km/h, precipitation to reach about 25 litres /sq.m. in Bucharest

The National Meteorological Administration (ANM) on Wednesday issued a Code Orange advisory for heavy rainfalls and strong atmospheric instability, in the Dambovita, Prahova, Buzau, Vrancea and Bacau counties, and also a Code Yellow for the rest of the country, except for the Constanta and Tulcea counties, starting 11 am.

According to meteorologists, between September 20, 16:00 – September 21, 6:00, the atmospheric instability will be very high on large areas in the Dambovita, Prahova, Buzau, Vrancea and Bacau counties, with important quantities of water, between 50 and 70 l/sq m expected.

Moreover, starting on Wednesday, 11:00 am, the rest of the country will be facing a Code Yellow advisory for storms, until Thursday, 21:00, except for the Constanta and Tulcea counties.

“In most parts of the country there will be very high atmospheric instability and heavy rainfalls, hail and lightning,” according to meteorologists.

For short intervals or by accumulation, the water quantities will exceed 25-30 l/sq m, especially in the North-Western region, but also in the Western Carpathians, on small areas, 50-60 l/sq m.

Temporarily, the wind gusts will reach 55-60 km/h, and during the rainfalls the gusts will reach over 65-70 km/h and turn into storms.


Wind forecast to blow at over 50 km/h, precipitation to reach about 25 litres /sq.m. in Bucharest


The National Weather Administration (ANM) has forecast wind blowing at over 50 km / h and precipitation of about 25 litres/sq. m. on Wednesday in Bucharest City, ANM representative Gabriela Bancila told a weather command convened at the Bucharest City Hall.

She mentioned that ANM will update the current information message in a code yellow warning that will also cover the city.

“In Bucharest, the atmospheric instability under the code yellow warning would be of interest in the evening hours and in the first half of the night,” said Bancila.

She said that after 18:00hrs, local, wind would gradually intensify.

“We are expecting the critical interval for Bucharest to be between 20:00hrs – 01:00hrs, 02:00hrs, 03:00hrs at night, when storm clouds should emerge. Wind should intensify to about 55-65 km/h and also blow in strong gusts,” said Bancila, adding that the wind speed could exceed 65 km/h in some neighbourhoods.

She mentioned that the ANM estimates precipitation at around 25 litres/sq.m., but in some neighbourhoods it might get up to 30-35 litres /sq.m.

“Most of these quantities should be recorded in a short time of one hour, one and a half hours, at most two hours. After 03:00hrs, the phenomena should start to diminish in intensity. Rain should stop before the morning breaks, but wind should keep blowing in gusts that this time should no longer exceed 40-50 km/h. Therefore, even if the ANM updates the warning message I have mentioned should be issued today, some increase in wind speed should be expected the next day as well,” Bancila explained.

She added that temperatures would drop significantly.

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