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April 18, 2021

President Iohannis meets Moldovan PM Filip: Romania must help R.Moldova institutionally, a 3rd loan could be granted

Romania must help the Republic of Moldova institutionally and not certain politicians in this country, on Wednesday said Romania’s President Klaus Iohannis at a meeting with the Moldovan Prime Minister Pavel Filip.

“Personally, I’m very interested and very much involved. I believe that Romania must and can help the Republic of Moldova and this independently of the approaches of certain Moldovan politicians who must get used with the position they fill. I think that the Moldovans deserve Romania’s full attention and congratulate you Mr. Prime Minister because you have made it in these complicated times to rule the Government in a way that is honouring you,” the Romanian President said in the debut of his meeting with the Moldovan Premier on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly in New York.

Iohannis specified that he had several talks regarding the Republic of Moldova and said that he is the supporter of the aid programmes to this country. He added that he has no intention to change this approach whatsoever.

“I had talks about a third segment of the loan that is currently under discussion. I believe that this 3rd tranche could be granted. I personally expect and you have certainly prepared an institutional answer with certain reforms to be continued or launched. Fact is this is the way Romania could support the Republic of Moldova, meaning that we help the Moldovans, because this is the point, and the way the programmes we come to Moldova are mapped, we believe it very important and this is the strategy we have established at the level of the Supreme Council for Country’s Defence (CSAT). It is very important to help Moldova institutionally, we don’t believe it important to help certain politicians, but to help the Moldovan state, the Moldovan citizens and bodies and to me it is very important that we help the Moldovan institutions that need the reform and you know better than me which are those institutions that need a smaller reform and which a deeper one, and yet I’m certain that things will go better,” said Iohannis.

The Moldovan Premier thanked Romania for its support mentioning among others, the kindergartens’ mending and construction.

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