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September 30, 2022

Manda: Dragomir said a former Lower House Speaker benefitted from SRI leadership’s support

Claudiu Manda (photo), Chairman of the Committee for the Oversight of the Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI), stated on Tuesday evening, after the committee heard former SRI employee Daniel Dragomir, that the latter offered the committee details on the way “things were working” in 2009-2013. According to Manda, Dragomir said a former Lower House Speaker benefitted from the support of members of SRI’s leadership, while another person was allegedly investigated by the National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA) at SRI’s behest.

“We intend to understand how the mechanism was working within the SRI in what concerns wiretap warrants for alleged crimes of terrorism or related crimes, warrants that were covering – Dragomir says – 6 months, were being extended for 3 months, resulting in up to 5 years of wiretapping, after which the DNA was demanding and using the information to charge persons with corruption crimes,” Manda stated.

He pointed out that Daniel Dragomir presented evidence in this regard and explained how things worked in 2009-2013 and where the Committee should have carried out verifications “to enlighten itself.”

“He referred only [to the period] up to 2013. (…) He left with the Committee a list of 65 persons, active and retired SRI officers, persons from the media, political persons and persons from the economic sector; he is asking us to invite them before the Committee, to ask them questions in order to prove what Dragomir is saying. We are analysing the list, the competency of inviting before the Committee persons who are not SRI employees. He gave examples of political persons who were backed by the SRI in the media, namely the orders given by members of the SRI leadership, he pointed out the person who was giving orders, he pointed out the political person who benefitted from this support. Next week he will bring the evidence that supports this,” the Chairman of the SRI Oversight Committee stated.

Likewise, according to Manda, the former SRI colonel talked about the targets selected by SRI’s leadership, pointing out that “he gave the example of a person and decision-making mechanism that led to that person being designated as a target that the DNA and the SRI investigated.”

“The names shocked us. The political person that Dragomir claims benefited from the support of persons and instruments that some of SRI’s employees had at their disposal – and he will bring evidence to support his claim – is a former Lower House Speaker. He named persons from SRI’s leadership who used those media gauntlets that Dragomir talked about on television, but he was saying how those media gauntlets were used to give media support to political persons; he gave an example, he gave us a name. We’re waiting for the evidence at our next meeting,” Manda pointed out.

He said that a new hearing will take place next Tuesday.


Dragomir: I gave SRI Committee a list of 65 person that could be heard – SRI officers, active and retired, politicians, businessmen and people from the media


Former SRI employee Daniel Dragomir stated on Tuesday, at the end of the hearings at the SRI Oversight Committee, that he presented committee members with a list of 65 persons that, in his opinion, should be heard “in order to understand the deep state.” He pointed out that the list includes active and retired SRI officers, politicians, businessmen and people from the media.

“We talked about the judiciary’s gauntlets and about issues pertaining to national security. I gave a comprehensive statement. I also offered documents that I believed that the members of the Committee should see in order to understand what I’ve been calling the deep state in recent years. I also presented a list of 65 persons – it will be considered – that I believe could be heard in order to understand the deep state. They are active SRI officers, retired officers, politicians, businessmen and people from the media,” Dragomir said.

The ex-officer considers that “there will be at least another meeting with the Committee” and said that he will offer “far more precise” information the moment the hearings conclude.

“Soon, I’ll make statements about all aspects I’ve mentioned so far. The Committee’s meeting was very fair and technical,” Dragomir pointed out.

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