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September 18, 2021

Net assets’ aggregated level of the five SIFs parks at RON 8.16 billion in August

The aggregated level of the net assets of the five Financial Investment Companies (SIF) reached in August RON 8.16 billion, at the same level with July, a release by the Funds Administrators’ Association (AAF) sent on Thursday to Agerpres informs.

The level in Euro was 1.78 billion, down by 0.7 pct against July.

“Watching the evolution of the uniform net assets in the reported month, one can see that most of the five SIFs have recorded negative evolutions, with drops of 3.4 pct for SIF Moldova, 1.9 pct for SIF Transilvania, 1.3 pct for SIF Oltenia, 0.7 pct for SIF Banat-Crisana, and only one growth, of 9.2 pct for SIF Muntenia. The evolution of the closing prices as compared to those of the previous month was exclusively positive, being noticed augmentations of 11.4 pct for SIF Banat-Crisana, 9.8n pct for SIF Moldova, 8.2 pct for SIF Oltenia, 6.7 pct for SIF Muntenia, and 4 pct for SIF Transilvania. The discount the shares of the five SIFs are traded to in the market ranges from 34.5 pct for SIF Moldova and 49 pct for SIF Banat-Crisana,” the source adds.

From a structural outlook at end-August on total SIFs, the short-term financial investments raised by 7.8 pct against July attaining rd RON 6.3 billion.

At the same time, the unrated shares on total SIFs, that were approximately RON 1.24 billion at end-July, dropped to RON 1.17 billion, with a weight of 13.6 pct, down from 14.4 pct in July. The largest such package of shares parks at SIF Oltenia, worth RON 599 million, and the smallest stays at SIF Transilvania, of only RON 73 million.

At end-August, the capitalization level of the five SIFs was nearly RON 4.7 billion, up by 8.6 pct against July. Expressed in Euro, the capitalization at end-August was rd RON 1 billion, up by 7.8 pct against the level of July.

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