Orban: Liberal Party will challenge with Constitutional Court any attempt of market economy principles’ violation

The National Liberal Party (PNL) chairman, Ludovic Orban on Thursday demanded that the Government give up intention to impose the establishing of the salaries in the private sector, saying that the PNL will challenge with the Constitutional Court any attempt of violating the free market economy principles.

“Don’t you dare come with such a communist regulation by which you try decree the way the salaries are established in the private sector. You’ll be off-Constitution and off-EU regulations and I guarantee you that the PNL will attack any attempt of violation of the labour market and the free market economy’s principles to the Constitutional Court,” Orban told the government in a press conference.

In addition, the PNL head said that the statements of Ionut Misa, the Finance minister, referring to the salaries’ establishment in the private sector gave him the feeling that he was living 30-40 years ago.”

“I’ve heard of some statements by Finance minister which made me feel I was back in the past with 30-40 years, with the Finance minister saying he was to make the employers to keep the net salary, to establish the salary. (…) Mr. Misa and Mr. Tudose and Mr. Dragnea must wake up to reality and remind that we are in 2017, in a democratic, EU country, wherein salaries are not set by the Communist Party headed by Dragnea, but through negotiation on the labour market,” Orban added.

Moreover, the PNL chairman demanded the government to give up its idea to transfer the contributions’ payment from employer to employee, adding that this measure has no grounds.

“The employee, out of a 25 percent increase, will be left with a sum smaller than 4 percent. This will be the growth in the public sector. If the current taxation system stays, the net salaries in the public sector might drop. As for the private sector, the situation is absolutely dramatic,” the liberal leader said.


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