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November 29, 2021

”Fete de la Gastronomie” – Chef Fabrice Giraud teaches French cuisine art to Romanian 10th graders, brings Parisian atmosphere to Bucharest in his menus

Chef Fabrice Giraud (photo L), the main guest of this year’s edition of “Fete de la Gastronomie” / Gastronomy Feast, has prepared on Friday alongside the students with the Economic College on Viilor Street in Bucharest’s District 4, whom he told that this craft should be made with “passion”.

“There must be passion, they must really want to do this craft and never ditch it. Perhaps the future Romanian Bocuse is among them,” Fabrice Giraud told the rd twenty 10rh graders with the Viilor Economic College who train to become chefs and waiters, at a masterclass he delivered together with Andrei Tamas, a chef with France’s Residence.

During the masterclass, Fabrice Giraud tackled the importance of the professional training courses in the hotel sector. He recalled that one day his boss told him: “Fabrice, you are no millionaire, and yet your hands are worth millions!”

For the first time in Romania, chef Fabrice Giraud has prepared a classic French course during his masterclass, with simple, representative ingredients for the French cuisine.

Together with Andrei Tamas, Fabrice Giraud has prepared something traditional enough and easy to make, namely an onion soup, a trout fillet and Ile flottante (or floating island) for dessert.

The masterclass ended in a lunch where the courses prepared could be relished, and the talks continued about the importance of the hotel sector’s professional training courses and the need to develop the Romanian-French partnership in this field.

The French ambassador to Romania, Michele Ramis, who was also invited to the event, said that “the educational cooperation” keeps “the tight bonds between France and Romania” and “enhances the Europe of education.”

The celebration of gastronomy was organized for the fourth year in a row by the French Embassy, the French Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the French Institute and Business France, alongside their partners. The event stretched Thursday through Sunday and includes almost 40 events.


Parisian atmosphere brought to Bucharest in Giraud’s menus


The Parisian atmosphere was brought to Bucharest by Fabrice Giraud, the chef of the “La maison blanche” restaurant in Paris, as on Thursday he prepared a special menu for his Romanian guests, at the ”Fete de la Gastronomie” gastronomic festival.

For the first time in Romania, Giraud, the main guest of this year’s gastronomical event, cooked at the Barbizon (Pullman) restaurant in Bucharest, along with Chef Stefan Popescu. The basic ingredients of the dinner were fresh Romanian products and “passion,” as the two explained.

“First of all, I have conducted a research into the products we can find in Romania, and then, after seeing everything I can include in the menu, I decided to use seasonal products. That’s how I made the menu for the evening (…) There is aperitif, followed by entrée, fish, beef, pre-desert and desert. The servings are small, the meal is light,” said Giraud, mentioning among his creations foie gras, Romanian beef from the Carpathians and Romanian zander.

In his turn, Popescu spoke about the necessary preparations for such an event. “There is a lot of planning, preparation, tasting, testing, quality ingredients and lots, lots of passion,” he said.

In fact, the dinner was in line with the theme of this year’s edition of the gastronomical festival. “Au coeur du produit – At the heart of the products “- which aims to highlight the importance of the quality of products used in the gastronomical universe, especially the diversity and richness of French products.

“La maison blanche” chief Giraud has also worked at “Chantecler du Negresco,” in Nice, where he met singer Elton John. He has also cooked for celebrities such as George Bush, Hillary Clinton and Laurent Fabius, according to his recollection at the Bucharest event.

“But to me, every man is a personality,” Giraud said. The menu created for the Bucharest dinner has demonstrated this, by paying attention to details and taking care of those who chose to spend the evening with him.

Giraud also unveiled  during his visit to Bucharest the “secret” of an agreeable ambiance for the meal: “I think it’s important to be in a nice company, in a nice place and to eat well.”

The recipient of one Michelin star, which he received in 1999 when he started working at the “Le Pain et le Vin” restaurant in Brussels, Giraud believes that Romanian gastronomy has a chance to evolve.

“I think there must be people who want to eat something good. In France, in the 1950s and 1960s, there was a revolution in our kitchen, and we call it ‘la nouvelle cuisine,’ the new kitchen, the new gastronomy, because previously there were products on the table, fairly heavy servings, heavy and oily sauces; thanks to journalists who loved food, we were able to revolutionise food,” said Giraud.

“It may happen, I do not rule that out (…) Bucharest is a beautiful city. Yesterday, when I landed in Bucharest, I even thought I was still in Paris because of the Triumphant Arch,” said Giraud.

As a matter of fact, the atmosphere in “Little Paris,” as Bucharest used to be called, on Thursday evening at Fabrice Giraud’s dinner, was worthy of the elegant events hosted by the capital of France.

Romanians had the  opportunity to enjoy the Giraud’s meals on Friday at Mercure, and on Sunday at Novotel, also as part of the same gastronomic festival he did  not rule out creating a meal inspired by Romania.


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